Mud agitator is widely used in mud cleaning systems. It is utilized in the mud tank as well as on the vessel to avoid the actual particles from settling straight down. Mud agitator is composed of some sort of motor, a gearbox, the particular shaft and impellers. This can be a very small equipment for drilling field.
Normally, a drilling rig mud tank system should be equipment with a significant no . of agitators. The higher quality , of the tank sides, a lot more quality of the mud agitators.
Many clients do not how to choose the best mud agitators modes and know the different mud agitators from different brand and various design. The main difference is that, typically the gearbox type is different. You will find mainly 2 type of items motor for mud agitators: helical bevel type items motor and Worm and kit type.
The helical bevel type gear motoriswith 2-stage or 3-stage transmission period.
It is with foot-mounted, flange-mounted Mounting mode, short flange-mounted model, torque arm-mounted type.

Mud Agitator
Furthermore, the Output shaft ofthe helical bevel type accessory motoris solid shaft, ineffective shaft (with key, having shrink disc and with involute spline).
Features of Helical-Bevel Products box and motor regarding mud agitator
It is Large modular design of the helical bevel type gear electric motor.
The helical bevel variety gear motoris with High reloading support. It is with a secure transmitting and a low noise degree.
The helical bevel variety gear motor is with good performance sealing. It can be used for an array of industry application.
The helical bevel type gear generator is with a High efficiency. It will save power during operating.
The helical bevel style gear motoris low repair and it can reduce the cost of users.
Worm and gearmotor device agitators is one of the most popular kind mud agitator. The gear package is worm and gear kind for easy operation repairs and maintanance. The worm and gear package is utilize the gear in order to transmit the motor acceleration to the request RPM. It might be widely used.
GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker  , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client .

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GN is a top
manufacture of solids control equipment in the world. It could manufacture
various solids control equipment and packaged mud system.

In this article,
we will give a brief introduction about the packaged mud system.

Usually, 1
complete set of mud system should include the following equipment, such as the
Shale Shaker
, Desilter, Desander, Centrifuge, Centrifuge Pumps, Agitators, Mud
Guns, Mud tanks and some other necessary components.

For the mud
systems that manufactured by GN, they are widely not only used in the oil &
gas drilling industry, but HDD industry, coal bed methane drilling, water well
drilling, geothermal well drilling, mining, piling works, tunnel construction,
dredging construction. Sometimes they are also used for treating the industrial
wastewater and executing the solid-liquid separation.

As the mud
system are widely used in different industries and different industries have
different requirements, so there are always little or big differences between
different requirement that used in different industries, such as,

1.Usually the
packaged mud system used in the oil & gas drilling industry is very big,
there are many different solids control equipment installed like shale shakers,
mud cleaners, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pumps, jet mud mixer, agitators, mud
guns. There are many mud tanks for different functions, some tanks will be used
as storage tanks, some tanks will be used as mixing tanks, some tanks will
service for the solids control equipment.

2. The packaged
mud system is small, such as used in the HDD industry and CBM drilling
industry. The system structure will be compact and easily moved and the tank
quantity could be limited and tank volume could be small.

3. GN could
manufacture the customized mud system according to the customer requirements,
such as the specific onsite situation, the condition of drilling fluids, the
desired treatment effect of drilling fluids.

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want to learn more about GN Solids Control, welcome to visit GN’s website
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In this article,
we will mainly talk about the desander’s working principle. 

Desander, one of
the most widely used solids control equipments used on treating the drilling

As we know, with
the drilling fluid circulates the drilling cuttings chipped away by the
drilling bit continuously when the drilling rig is working, the different sizes
of drilling cutting goes into the drilling fluid and the physical properties of
drilling fluids will be changed, such as the density, viscosity, solid content,
etc. The drilling fluid could not meet the further work demand. 

In order to save
the cost and protect the environment, in most of the time the drilling fluid
needs to be recycled. Now the Desander and some other necessary solids control
equipments like Shale Shaker, Desilter, Decancter Centrifuge will be worked
together for treating and cleaning the drilling fluid. By through treating the
drilling fluid, the different sizes of drilling cuttings will be separated out
and the physical properties of drilling fluid will be recovered.

According to the
technical design, the Desanders made by GN Solids Control company are usually
used for separating out the solids particles over 40μm in the fluid loop. 

Normally the desander
is used for doing the 2nd-stage treatment with the drilling fluid that after
the 1st-stage treatment by Shale Shaker. The main part of 1 desander is the
Hydrocyclone. Its work principle is as below,

pumping the treated drilling fluid by Shale Shaker to the Desander and the
fluid goes into the Hydrocyclones of desander; 

by the centrifugal force and as the centrifugal forces are different for the
solid particles and liquid. 

the solid particles will be drained out together with some liquid from the
underflow port together; the clean drilling fluid will be drained out from the
overflow port.

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Oilfeild drilling contains drilling rig, mud pump, solids control system and  others equipments. Oilfeild solids control equipment is mainly for recycling drilling mud and mix new mud for re-use.

Main Equipments For Oilfeild Solids Control

  1. Poor boy degasser to separate gas
  2. Shale shaker for screen separation
  3. Mud cleaner
  4. Centrifugal pump for mud transfer
  5. Decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids
  6. Mud agitator for agitating mud to avoid solids settling down
  7. Mixing hopper to mix new mud for re-use

How To Choose A Good Solids Control Suppier?

  1. Sell history for solids control equipment
  2. Custmer feedback on equipment quality
  3. Techinical support before order will help a lot
  4. After sales service and stock support
  5. Documents support

Water well drilling normally is drilling 200-2000m depth and don’t need very high confirguration for mud recycling system. Depending on drilling conditions, clients choose different equipments to makes different confirguration to meet drilling application

Shale Shaker For First Phase Cleaning

  1. Shale shaker cleaning 200-400micron drilling cuttings
  2. Shaker deck is the most important mechanical parts for a shale shaker.
  3. Shaker screen size and G force  is the main technical points for shaker
  4. Vibrator motor gives G force to shaker
  5. Deck angle adjust to make good angle to adjust cuttings dryness

Shaker Screen

  1. Wedge type shaker screen for fast replace
  2. Flat or Pyramid shaker screen dependong on drilling conditions
  3. Shaker screen area and effecitive area is important to shaker performance