gas drilling

Pupua Newginea has a lot of gas drilling, GN Solids Control is a manufacturer for mud tank which is used in gas drilling for recycling, storage or mixing. We do different kind of mud tank as bellow:

1) Skid mounted mud tank

2) Trailer mounted mud tank

3) Jack up mud tank

Other than mud tank, GN build shale shaker, desander, desilter , decanter centrifuge,etc. Please contact us freely for inquiry

Hi,Freinds. Let’s join in this topic of double deck shale shaker good or single deck shaker good?

For myself, I believe try to avoid double deck shaker. If don’t have too use a double shaker to save cost or space, then single deck shaker will be the best.

The most disadvantage of double deck shaker is replacement of shaker screen and you can’t see anything of bottom deck peformance at all.

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