for sale

Many drillers are asking: Will we need decanter centrifuge for our CBM drilling? This is hard to answer cause different people have different idears  and conserns.

If you the decanter centrifuge cost won’t exceed your budget, I will say a decanter centrifuge will be required for better performance and avoid drilling mud weight get higher and higher. If cost exceed your budget, I will say no need for centrifuge

GN have one set decanter centrifuge for sale, it’s main spec as bellow:

  1. Mud Flow capacity is 260GPM
  2. Bowl diameter 450mm
  3. Bowl Length is 1540mm
  4. Bowl Speed is 2800RPM
  5. Separation Point reaches to 2-5 microns
  6. IECEX certified electricals can be supplied
  7. Tungsten carbide tiles for screw protection
  8. Tungsten carbide alloy for screw flow distrbution port and bowl solids  discharge port

Please contact GN Solids for more info