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OTC 2014 falls on 5-8, May, 2014, it is one of the most important oil gas event held in Huston, TX, USA. As in previous years, GN will bring heavy machine and demonstrate the actual Solids Control Equipment to the world buyers.

GN Solids Control (China) together with GN Solids America (USA) will attend the exhibition but in separate booth:

Reliant Arena 9241 (320SF) – GN Solids Handle (China)

Reliant Arena 10147 (190SF) – GN Solids America (USA)

Solids Handle Equipment at 2014 OTC

1) VFD & PLC manage Decanter Centrifuge – GNLW363VFD

2) Big bowl Big Volume Decanter Centrifuge – GNLW553VFD

3) High G Dryer Desander

4) Vertical Cuttings Dryer

5) Shale Shaker Screen

6) USA Vacuum Degasser


GN Solids America wholly held by GN Solids Manage is in operation with sales office, warehouse inventory and after sales service. If you would like to have a visit to the Houston Office during the show, please email us to request the meeting, and now Vacuum Degasser is 30% discount OFF for sale, if you have any question please contact us.

500GPM mud cleaning system is the very tipical size for No Dig drilling rig. GN just finished 2 sets 500GPM No Dig mud cleaning system to CPP and ready for delivery next week.

Why A Mud Cleaning System Wil Be Required For Drilling Rig?

  1. To separate drilling cuttings our from drilling mud, so that it can be re-used to save cost
  2. To add new chemicals and keep mud suitable density and viscosity
  3. Environment requirement make you hard to get rid of dirty mud only clean water

Standard Parts And Requirement For No Dig Mud Cleaning System From CPP

  1. One set GNZS703 shale shaker with max 7.5 G force and 3 pc shaker screen
  2. One set GNZJ703 mud cleaner with one desander cone and 8 desilter cones
  3. 2 sets centrifugal pump sit on tank sid for mud transfer
  4. One set mud tank with compact desigh for small footprint
  5. Walkways and handrails that can be folded on tank side
  6. Control panels fix on tank without disassemble when moving

Please visit GN Web for details equipment spec and more news

Drilling mud system is well used in drilling industry, but what a drilling mud system do and what’s the applications?

Drilling mud system is working for solids separation from driling mud and control mud density and viscosity for re-use, so it’s named drilling mud recycling system. But why a mud system should do this job?

  1. Suitable drilling mud will help keep well pressure
  2. Drilling mud will connect with oil&gas directly, suitable mud will help protect oil and gas
  3. There normally contains oil and other chenimcals in drilling mud, so mud system will help to recycling and re-use to decrease polution
  4. Drilling mud will help bring drilling cuttings out
  5. Drilling mud help cool down drill bit
  6. According to drilling mud change, people can help know info under ground in well

A Drilling Mud System Contains:

  1. Drilling mud recycling machine like shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.
  2. Mud tanks for mud storage and transfer
  3. Mixer for mixing new drilling mud for re-use
  4. Mud agitator to avoid mud settling down

Trenchless drilling is doing to avoid dig on ground but will need mud recycling tank to recycle drilling mud. Why trenchless drilling need drilling mud and mud recycling machine?

  1. To bring cuttings from hole bottom to ground
  2. Keep hole pressure
  3. Cool down drilling rig
  4. Drilling mud is costive, mud recycling machine will help lower cost
  5. Drilling mud is can’t be desposal to environment, mud recycling system will help to avoid mud polusion to environment

Drilling Mud Recycling Tank Configuration

  1. Shale shaker for drilling cuttings separation
  2. Desander for separate sand in dirty drilling mud
  3. Desilter for separate silter in dirty drilling mud
  4. Mud tank for holding mud
  5. Pumps for mud transfer
  6. Mixing hopper for mixing new mud for reuse
  7. Mixing pump for feeding mixing hopper

GN Solids supply trenchless mud recycling tank to all over the word. Please contact GN Solids freely for trenchless mud recycling tank.

Off shore drilling need higher standard drilling equipments, many drilling mud systems are build for on shore drilling only. GN just finished one off shore drilling mud system for a HK clients last week.

Main Components For Off Shore Drilling Mud System

1. Contains solids control equipments including shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, pumps, mud tanks,etc

2. Mud pump suction line

3. Mixing suction and discharge pipeline

4. Mud gun line

5. Water line

Why Many Buyyers Choose GN For Mud system?

GN Solids is the most reliable manufacturer from China providing leading patent equipment. The equipment include solids control equipment, drilling waste managementequipment and shale shaker screen.

GN Solids can offer you customized design of solids control system as per customer requirement, especially for the layout of mud sytem with shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge etc.

GN Solids have got many certificates, API certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, HSE certificate.

GN Solids can  offer fast response on jobsite equipment commissioning.

Based on this, but not limited to this, many drilling company, oil service company, rig company choose GN Solids.