diamond drilling

Decanter centrifuge is designed to separe fine solids from drilling mud, diamond drilling is one of the applications for decanter centrifuge.

Main Technical Specification Of Diamond Drilling Decanter Centrifuge

  1. Model: GNLW223 decanter centrifuge                           .
  2. Bowl Diameter: 220mm                                                .
  3. Effective Capacity Of Centrifuge: 06GPM
  4. Typical Bowl Speed: 3800 RPM                                 .
  5. Typical G Force :   1777                                             .
  6. Separation Point  :  2-5 micron                               .
  7. Differential Speed  :   35                                 .
  8. Gear Box Torch  :    500 N.M                                    .
  9. Gear Box Ration   :   35:1
  10. Main Drive Motor   :  11 KW   
  11. Recommend Pump:   :3KW
  12. Ex Standard   ExdIIBt4               .

GN Solids supply mini decanter centrifuge for diamond drilling for Australia drilling applications, Please contact GN for questions freely

Diamond Drilling mud system always includes equipment for very small capacity with a small shale shaker. GN Solids designed a mini shale shaker mainly for diamond drilling , spec as bellow:

1) Treating capacity : 100-150GPM

2) Vibrator Motor: 2×0.75KW

3) Shaker Screen: Single deck with 2 panel, double deck with 3 panel

Please contact GN Solids freely for inquiry

Diamond Drilling requires mini mud cleaning equipment like 50GPM-150GPM capacity. GN Solids Control is a very proffessional supplier on diamond drilling mud cleaning equipment. Why GN is proffessional on diamond drilling?

1) GN have sales a lot of mini mud cleaning system to diamond driling makes us understand clients requirement better

2) GN sales works oil & gas drilling , CBM , HDD , Diamond drilling and proffessional on all kinds drilling make us understand the working procedure better

Please contact GN freely for inqury