Mud agitator is widely used in mud cleaning systems. It is utilized in the mud tank as well as on the vessel to avoid the actual particles from settling straight down. Mud agitator is composed of some sort of motor, a gearbox, the particular shaft and impellers. This can be a very small equipment for drilling field.
Normally, a drilling rig mud tank system should be equipment with a significant no . of agitators. The higher quality , of the tank sides, a lot more quality of the mud agitators.
Many clients do not how to choose the best mud agitators modes and know the different mud agitators from different brand and various design. The main difference is that, typically the gearbox type is different. You will find mainly 2 type of items motor for mud agitators: helical bevel type items motor and Worm and kit type.
The helical bevel type gear motoriswith 2-stage or 3-stage transmission period.
It is with foot-mounted, flange-mounted Mounting mode, short flange-mounted model, torque arm-mounted type.

Mud Agitator
Furthermore, the Output shaft ofthe helical bevel type accessory motoris solid shaft, ineffective shaft (with key, having shrink disc and with involute spline).
Features of Helical-Bevel Products box and motor regarding mud agitator
It is Large modular design of the helical bevel type gear electric motor.
The helical bevel variety gear motoris with High reloading support. It is with a secure transmitting and a low noise degree.
The helical bevel variety gear motor is with good performance sealing. It can be used for an array of industry application.
The helical bevel type gear generator is with a High efficiency. It will save power during operating.
The helical bevel style gear motoris low repair and it can reduce the cost of users.
Worm and gearmotor device agitators is one of the most popular kind mud agitator. The gear package is worm and gear kind for easy operation repairs and maintanance. The worm and gear package is utilize the gear in order to transmit the motor acceleration to the request RPM. It might be widely used.
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Drilling mud serve as lubricant that keep the drilling bit operate smooth.  The consequence of drill bit overworked by temperature heading up will lead to hard work of engine and transmission that lead to breakdown and halt the whole operation.  It is a very costly operation halt that leads cost of extra ten thousand of dollars and more. Plus, the drilling fluid is also a very costly lubricant and to keep the drilling cost under control, solids control machinery is need for filter the debris that contain in the drilling mud for many times of cycle of use the drilling mud.  The 5 filtration machineries that will completely perform filter the solids from the drilling mud are shale shaker, vacuum degasser, Mud Gas Separator, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.


The filter step goes in below:

Shale shaker

The drilling mud feed enter the feeding box of shale shaker.  The mud contains various size of the solids return to the ground surface and shale shaker is filtering the biggest solid by use high G force of shaking.  The box of shale shaker contain panels of mesh screen that is different number of mesh depend on solids contents analyze by drilling mud engineer

Vacuum degasser

. The muds that return to ground surface not only contain solids but also gas from the earth core.  This gas that change density of drilling mud leads result change the viscosity of drilling mud. Vacuum degasser removes the gas in the drilling mud to keep the mud in balance and continue the future solids filter process.


The drilling fluids now that contain medium size solids enter the liquid feeding pump and enter the desander, which contain large hydrocyclone(s).  The solids diameter above 40-60um will be filtered and bottom of desander is pair with shale shaker contain finer mesh compare with first shale shaker to complete the filtering.  T


This machinery’s function of work is just as same like desander in last step before. It contains multiple smaller hydrocyclones that can remove solids that measure diameter above 15-40um.  It is also pair with shale shaker like desander and completes this step of filtering.

Decanter Centrifuge

The drilling fluid feed through centrifugal pump that feed into decanter centrifuge that rotate in High speed of G force.  The rotating bowl will separate solids from the mud and exit in one for solids and other one is for filtered mud.  The drilling mud now will feed back to the rig for next cycle of usage.

Desilter, which is
another kind of solids control equipment for treating the drilling fluid. In
this article, we will mainly introduce the Desilter made by GN Solids Control. 

Actually compared
with the desander, the desilter has the same working principle, similar
structure and different configurations for customer option.

Usually desilter
is matched together with the shale shaker and desander and used for doing the
3rd-stage separation with the drilling fluid. 

Most of the big
sizes of drilling cuttings over 40μm will be separated after being treated by the shale
shaker and desander. In next step the drilling fluid goes into the desilter and
most of the solid particles over 20μm are separated out from the fluid and the drilling
fluid become much more clear. 

The main part of desilter
is also the hydrocyclones, but the size is different with the desander’s. Each
hydrocyclone used on GN’s Desilter are 4 inches and its standard treatment
capacity is 20m³/h. Usually 8 units, 12 units or 16 units
of hydrocyclone are standard configuration on GN’s Desilter, the corresponding standard
treatment capacity is 120m³/h, 240m³/h and 360m³/h. It is also customized and the customer could choose
specific quantity of hydrocyclone for different treatment capacity. 

In most of the
time the desilter is recommend by GN Solids Control to be combined together with
1 shale shaker (the desilter & shale shaker AIO), as the separated solids
particles could be further dried by through the shale shaker’s screen and the drying
effect could be better, especially for the weighted drilling mud.

the customer needs the desilter, shale shaker and desander to be combined together
and turned into an all in one machine because of being limited to the space,
Now GN has the “Mud Cleaner” for customer option. 

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In this article,
we will mainly talk about the desander’s working principle. 

Desander, one of
the most widely used solids control equipments used on treating the drilling

As we know, with
the drilling fluid circulates the drilling cuttings chipped away by the
drilling bit continuously when the drilling rig is working, the different sizes
of drilling cutting goes into the drilling fluid and the physical properties of
drilling fluids will be changed, such as the density, viscosity, solid content,
etc. The drilling fluid could not meet the further work demand. 

In order to save
the cost and protect the environment, in most of the time the drilling fluid
needs to be recycled. Now the Desander and some other necessary solids control
equipments like Shale Shaker, Desilter, Decancter Centrifuge will be worked
together for treating and cleaning the drilling fluid. By through treating the
drilling fluid, the different sizes of drilling cuttings will be separated out
and the physical properties of drilling fluid will be recovered.

According to the
technical design, the Desanders made by GN Solids Control company are usually
used for separating out the solids particles over 40μm in the fluid loop. 

Normally the desander
is used for doing the 2nd-stage treatment with the drilling fluid that after
the 1st-stage treatment by Shale Shaker. The main part of 1 desander is the
Hydrocyclone. Its work principle is as below,

pumping the treated drilling fluid by Shale Shaker to the Desander and the
fluid goes into the Hydrocyclones of desander; 

by the centrifugal force and as the centrifugal forces are different for the
solid particles and liquid. 

the solid particles will be drained out together with some liquid from the
underflow port together; the clean drilling fluid will be drained out from the
overflow port.

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this article, we will mainly talk about GN shale shakers’ different combinations
with Desander or Desilter, Desander and Desilter together are also available
for customers. The details are as below, 

1. GN Shale
Shaker & Desilter AIO
(all in one machine)

Compared with separate shale shaker or desilter, this
AIO machine’s function could be much stronger and the whole structure could be
more compact. It has 2 stages function for treating the drilling fluid. 

The 1st stage is by using the shale shaker for
separating out the solid articles over 100μm
usually; The 2nd stage is by using the desilter for separating
out the solid articles over 20μm

The quantity of the hydrocyclones of desilter is
selectable based on different treatment capacity in unit time.

2. GN Shale
Shaker & Desander AIO
(all in one machine) 

This machine is the combination of shaker and desander.
Compact structure and perfect work performance make it popular in all most all
the drilling industries. 

The desander is usually for separating out the solid
particles over 40μm in
the drilling fluid. Firstly the drilling fluid is screened by shale shaker
and then treated by desander. Based on the requirements for different treatment
capacity in unit time, the quantity of hydrocyclones of desander could be

3. GN Shale
Shaker & Desilter & Desander AIO
(all in one machine) 

Actually this combination
of shaker, desilter and desander is called “Mud Cleaner” in GN. Its advantage is also
compact structure and has the complete functions for treating the drilling
fluids with 3 stages. 

The 1st stage is by
shaker, usually the solids particles over 100μm in fluid could be separated out;

The 2nd stage is by
desander, usually the solids particles over 40μm in fluid could be separated out;

The 3rd stage is by
desilter, usually the solids particles over 20μm in fluid could be separated out; 

This machine has 2-layer screens. The lower
is used for doing the 1st stage separation, the upper screen is used for
further screening the separated solid particles by desander and desilter and
reducing the water in the solid particles.