Decanter Centrifuge For CBM Drilling Mud Recycle

CBM drilling mud normaly water base mud, a decanter centrifuge will help to separate fine solids 2-5 microns. Main purpose to separe fine solids:

1) Keep good mud weight

2) Keet mud densitity

3) Avoid mud get weighter and weigher which desilter can’t separate

GN web list more models of decanter centrifuge

Double Deck Shaker VS Single Deck Shaker?

Hi,Freinds. Let’s join in this topic of double deck shale shaker good or single deck shaker good?

For myself, I believe try to avoid double deck shaker. If don’t have too use a double shaker to save cost or space, then single deck shaker will be the best.

The most disadvantage of double deck shaker is replacement of shaker screen and you can’t see anything of bottom deck peformance at all.

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Top 3 shale shaker manufacture

Shale shaker is the first phase equipment for mud cleaning, there are many suppliers in the world but top 5 are the most popular brand

1) Derrick. Derrick shakers is a leading brand for oil and gas drilling

2) Brandt. Brandt shakers is popular for oil and gas drilling

3) GN. GN shakers not only focus on oil and gas drilling but also CBM /HDD industry

Pls contact GN for inquiry

Mud Mixing System for HDD/CBM Drilling

HDD & CBM mud system requirement is getting more and more because of environment limit. A mud mixing system is part of mud system to mixing chemicals for fresh mud

CBM mud mixing system will be more strict on electricals on explosion proof motors and electrical control panels.