Mud Agitator Function in No Dig Mud System

JBQ mud agitator is a part of No Dig mud system of mud tank, which is mainly used in agitating and blending drilling fluid so as to control the depositions of solid particles in its tank cycling system and keep the mud property of circulation stable and mixture uniform

When you choose a mud agitator model, you need charify mud tank length, width , height, mud viscosity and density. Please send us email for inquiry or question freely

What spec need offer to supplier to choose a mud agitator?

When you choose a mud agitator, what info you need to offer to supplier and let them help to choose a model?

1) Mud Tank inner Width and Height, this info will be helpful to confirm agitator shafter legth and impeller diameter

2) Mud density and viscosity, This info totether with no.1 will be helpful to choose a motor power

3) Electrical Standard, different area may have different electrical requirement. You need non-explossion proof or explossion proof? Which standard will meet our requirement? Or what kind drillilng you are doing?