Because first API certified solids
control manufacturer in Cina, GN Solids Control has furnished to more than 60
international locations and regions with its affordable products, covering all
connected main equipment of solid control and waste management system for oil and gas going.

The main principle of the solid control systems is actual physical separation,
using the physical personas of different media, the solid waste control
equipment separate the maximum amount of solids from the liquid. At this time,
in other industries apart from the oil and gas drilling, such efficient
equipments are also chosen in the end users, to make their function more
efficient and easier.
Actual physical Functions of solids management equipment:
Since the most important solid waste control equipments are correspondingly
shale shaker and decanter centrifuge, many of us talk about only these installment payments on your Now
in many oil and gas going jobsite, the end users decide on more shakers and
centrifuges instead of former hydrocyclones.

– shale shaker. Shale shaker is among the most efficient equipment in solid
waste control process, because it utilizes less energy while isolates the most
solids out of the water by using the different size of the particular solids
and by means of diverse size mesh on the shaker and a couple of vibration power
generators. The disadvantage is that the shaker weren’t able to separate very
fine allergens, and its separation work is draft. GN has several nos screen
shale shaker as well as 4 nos screen shale shaker for option
with unit GNZS703E and GNZS594E

installment payments on your decanter centrifuge is a high speed sequence
machine, mostly horizontal. Within the high speed rotating bowl in addition to
inside bowl there is an impeller. During the rotating, the centrifugal forces
on different stuff are not same, that causes typically the liquid phase
continuously passes out of the bowl while the shades particles are slashed for
the bowl inside wall in addition to pushed out of the centrifuge debris
discharge ports. The decanter centrifuge a gentle and precise, higher priced
than shale shaker, not only the expense of itself, but also the consumption of
energy. But it is ideal solution with regard to separating out the fine and
additional fine particles. GN centrifuge family covers all popular sizes of
decanter centrifuges from 9 inch pan diameter to 22 inches bowl diameter, among
those centrifuges, GNLW363 with 14 inches bowl is the most popular type.

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