GN Solids Control
provided one set of mud system for The european union GN
Solids Command manufactures various mud these recycling systems and most of
these mud systems are widely used within over 60 countries. As increasing
numbers of countries pay attention to the environment safety, GN mud
recycling system
 are getting more and more popular.

Lately, GN Solids Control only provided one set of mud system that using in h2o
well drilling for The european union. GN Solids Control mud systems
successfully won this kind of project due to the large productive projects that
we did ahead of. And GN Solids control also has many certifications that prove
GN has been attempting to be the No . 1 solids control manufacturer in the
world. Vouchers such as API, DNV, ISO are available since the establishment.

This kind of GN water well mud system is purchased by on the list of leading
well drilling firms in Europe. They will recycling the drilling mud and
recycling the water. This system is like the bellowing equipments:


1 .GN
Double Deck Shaker

Which has a compact structure, GN dual deck shaker is mainly useful for two
phase separation. The top shaker is equipped with shaker displays have larger
opening, whilst the bottom shaker is equipped with displays have small opening.
Going fluids will be separated with the upper deck shaker beforehand, then it
can be further split up by the bottom shaker.

2 . GN Decanter

GN centrifuge GNLW363 is traditionally used to separate out pretty good solids
from 2 microns to 5 microns. The spinning bowl diameter is 14inch, with a high
rotating increase to 3200 rpm, often the G force can get to to 2062G.

3. GN Screw Pump

GN good displacement pumps, also referred to as screw pumps, they are mainly
utilized to feed into decanter centrifuge without agitating the drilling mud
too much.

4. GN mudTank

Shaker, centrifuge along with screw pump are attached with one mud tank. On
this company design, GN drinking water well mud system can be utilized in many
different worksites.

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