1.Project introduction.

1.1Design Capacity: Total Mass Flow (Metal Slurry) : 12.5 ton/hr ;Liquid Flow : 10.4~8.8 ton/hr;Solid Flow : 2.1~4 ton/hr

1.2Inlet Condition: Operating Temperature : 60 degC;Operating Pressure : Max. 3.5 kg/cm2g, Nor. 1.5~2.5 kg/cm2g;Operating Time : 24 hours per day, Continuous;Solid Concentration : 20~30 wt%

1.3 Liquid Phase Information:Component : water (99.7%);pH : 11~13;Viscosity : Less than 5 cP;Density : 1,040 kg/m3

1.4 Solid Phase Information:Component : Metal Particle Size : 10 micron meter (D50);Density : 4,400 kg/m3;Type of Solid : Sticky and wetted、

2.After separation process target:

Product Specification: Solid Recovery : 99%;Moisture contents : Less than 28%;Type of Cake : Stackable.


3.GN recommened Decanter centrifuge model: GNLW364ET-VDF

3.1 Introduction:

GN dewatering / Thickening decanter centrifuge is T series decanter centrifuge with beach angle of 8.5 degrees. GN T series decanter centrifuge is usually used dewatering and thickening purpose. It is widely used for maximum dewatering requirements of municipal and industrial wastewater sludge. The dewatering decanter centrifuge is designed for easy separation material include large particle size, high density difference of solid and liquid, low viscosity, high concentration, high treatment capacity and higher dryness than clarity. The materials like sludge or wastewater containing fine particles usually need to be added with flocculants to gather the fine particles condensed into large ones, and then dewatered with T series decanter centrifuge.

3.2Appliaction Arena or fields

Drilling mud, environmental protection sewage, oily sludge, cutting fluid, sand washing water, mineral washing water, soda white mud, salt mud dewatering, magnesium aluminum emulsion, steel-making wastewater, precision casting wastewater, construction mud, tunnel mud, mine wastewater, industrial wastewater, organic wastewater, aquaculture wastewater, chemical industrial wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, municipal sewage, river sludge, water plant sludge, lake sludge, kaolin grading, calcium carbonate, bentonite, Silica, titanium dioxide, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, conductive film glass polishing solution, aluminum hydroxide, cryolite, silicate, oil sand separation, landing oil, oil sludge, coal tar, inorganic fertilizer, Chinese medicine extraction such as taxus chinensis, honeysuckle and liquorice, clarification, concentration and dehydration of salt crystals, etc