Since GN’s establishment from 2007, its solid control equipment and mud recycling system have been sold to more than 60 countries. GN’s mud recycling system can be applied in many areas, such as oil and gas drilling, diamond drilling, HDD, tunnel boring, piling, dredging, etc.  Please allow me to introduce to you our Oil sludge treatment system.

GN’s long view for the future market has lead us into a new ago of products development. After many years of research and development, in the year of 2016 we brought our Oil Sludge treatment system to the world. It contains our vacuum pump, mixing tanks with 3 stages separation equipment, and oil and water recovery tanks. It can be used for waste oil sludge/sand in raw oil tank bottom, from refinery plant, and from a drilling rig. In currently market there are few company can offer the entire system to client with customization services, and their unit cost a fortune to purchase. It is very important that to recycle oil as much as possible with a low cost.  We have made good business cooperation with world renowned service company like Baker Hughes. Together we service the largest oil company in Kuwait—KOC Kuwait Oil Company.  But we didn’t stop there, with different client’s different job requirements, GN offers different models of oil sludges treating system as well as Thermal Desorption Unit.  After treatment, client company will be able to recover oil and water for re-sale and re-use porpoises. Creating extra value for used to be wastes—oil sludge.

In this very competitive market, we offer many different systems to satisfy different industries, different clients. We will keep researching new frontier, new equipment to keep GN’s leading position. That is the basic introduction about the mud recycling system, If you have some further interest, welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to .