shale shaker screen

year would seem very short if you also have something to do and put in place
your days full. It is very just like yesterday when GN attended CIPPE 2015 via
Beijing, it comes the new yr and the new CIPPE Acrylic Show, CIPPE 2016.

Exactly what did GN show intended for CIPPE 2015?
1 . At the start of Year 2015, GN developed a compact drilling cuttings waste
materials management system, a combination of GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer
along with GNLW363CG-VFD
decanter centrifuge
, between your two equipment is a tank for receiving the
drilling water from the vertical cuttings dryer and for feeding the centrifuge.
It is a compact design, also suitable for land transportation without having
taking down the centrifuge along with V-G dryer.

2 . GN whole family of decanter centrifuges. For the most popular model
GNLW363CG-VFD you could check on the
waste management system
skid, different centrifuges, GNLW223 of in search
of inch bowl, GNLW452 regarding 18 inch bowl however middle speed, GNLW553 of
twenty-two inch bowl.
3. Principal equipment for solids control systems, like shale shaker, mud cleaner and and
so forth

During CIPPE 2015, many purchasers and potential clients visited GN Solids
Control’s booth along with checked GN’s products, a few of them visited GN’s
factory having seen GN’s booth and they gifted good comments on GN’s producing
capability.What GN will show in CIPPE 2016?

Looking back to the past yr, GN has accomplished various achievements:
1 . all principal equipments was improved and also updated models are within
design, coming soon for CIPPE 2016.
2 . new machines and systems are well analyzed to be useful on jobsites, will
be introduced to clients inside near future.
3. GN’s completely new factory will be put into use in addition to new
workshops are below construction.

What to know more specifics? Come to us at address listed below:
Address: New China Intercontinental Exhibition Center, Beijing; Number 88,
Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing
Occasion Time: March 29-31, 2016
GN Booth No .: LOUNGE E2 -E2200, booth place 272m2.
Booth Location:
Appointment Email: sales@gnsolidscontrol. com
GN Factory Location: 40KM to the Exhibition Center (40 Minutes Drive)

In the Indonesia Oil show this season, GN Solids
Control introduced one unit high Gary the gadget guy force drilling
mud shale shaker
there. This is the 2nd time for GN showing in Indonesia
oil show. Continue time in the year of 2013, GN showed there a single unit
shale shaker along with 3 panels screen. This current year, the shale shaker
revealed is a 4-panels screen type which received much awareness of the
visitors at the display.
Below are the features of the 4-panel drying shaker GNZS594E-HB:
one GNZS594E -HB is a thready motion shale shaker along with 4-panels screen
that are mounted by 8 pieces pitching wedge blocks and easy for screen replacement.
2 . Available shale shaker
area 2 . 7 rectangular meters, each screen shape 585x1165mm
3. Installed screen could be both steel body type for cost conserving and
composite material with regard to longer working life.
5. Two sets of spielzeug motor help to supply adequate G force for higher
5. Patented sealing technological know-how between screens and structure
effectively prevents the water leakage.

By choosing different types of the actual butter box, this shaker could be used
for different job opportunities. The traditional back type feeder is used for
oil going primary solids control. Issue unit is equipped with a hopper type
feeder, this shaker could be used as a excessive G force drying shaker with the
G force upward 8 and adjustable. The actual drying shaker is primary equipment
for waste cuttings management system.
In GN’s production line for drilling
waste management equipment
bundle, this shaker is built with a beneath
located hooking tank. This drying shaker package could be located on website
relative freely as it is stream-lined structure and small foot or so print. The
catching tank is with a transferring centrifugal pump which can transfer the
actual separated drilling fluids for even more processing. This drying shaker
is mainly for WBM spend cuttings drying process along with GN’s drying shaker
was already used in PERTAMINA.