mini shaker

Mini shale shaker

No Dig drilling mud capacity always smaller and some drillings may need 150GPM capacity. Many solids control equipment manufacturer focus on oil&gas drilling and shakers aways have capacity minimum 400GPM. GN Solids Control bring in a Mini shale shaker with 200GPM capacity to meet Mini capacity requirement on No Dig Drilling.

Mini shale shakerGN mini shale shaker install 2 pc mini shaker screen, it’s availeble to install desilter cone to comby a mini mud cleaner for second phase cleaning. Does it cool?

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Hi,Buddy. Share a Mini Shaker installed desilter cones to all of you. This mini shaker is working for HDD for mini treating capacity like 200GPM or working on a desander or desilter separate instead a mud cleaner ! What a good idea for mini shaker!