After several years working, have seen a lot of positive feedback of GN products. Some bad ones, too. This is the first time, without a notice, found some press release of raising GN products, not that surprised, but this is a special one. They are trying to use internet help us to be known by more people. While as we all know, known by people with reputation, is the key to improving business, we here thanks all the clients whol helped us on this.

“If they start pumping at 800 gpm and you have liquids (drilling mud) coming over instead of just solids, you’re going to have issues,” says Reyes, a manager at CGE Services and Solutions in Bakersfield, California. “Those drilling fluids cost money, and our customers want to retain and reuse as much of them as possible.

Like all other clients, or everyone all over the world, the fist intension is to save money. Well really saving money do not means cheap nothing, and put it to the drilling site. So all of them care about the performance, what is actually saving is the one works well or even better than the expensive ones.

Reyes says the company bought its first GN Solids shale shaker more than one year ago. At the time, the main allure was the competitive price. But Reyes quickly discovered the machine also lived up to its performance specifications, which explains why CGE now owns 10 GN units — or nearly half its fleet of shale shakers, he notes.

proudly taking a picture with GN equipment

Professional users, professional service companies, is the ones who is dealing / handling the solids control euqipment, though a lot of drilling compnies have their own team working on this. If you take it as a indepnent comapny, it is quite same. Then we will see, the different operating way, we get quite different result, saving more money sometimes. Especially when people have discriminations on original manufacturing place. Some clients told us in a joking way, when we operate a products from US / EU, when something goes wrong, people will think, what is wrong with my work, did I do something wrong, and they may check manual. While if it is from China, or somewhere eles, the first thing they will do is kick the equipment, and shout what is this shit doing! Hope this will change soon, and expecting GN keep doing good and in this good products team.

If you are interested in this blog, freely to email me asking for some feedback from clients. A lot of big players are telling the world, GN products is even better than similar EU / US products.


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