GN power flare ignitor

GN solids control Design and manufacture of container of combustible gas oilfield operations in the electronic déflagration system is the refinery along with gas gathering and switching exhaust and vent typically the gas processing plant, having fields of electronic combustion system can vent inflammable harmful gas ignited lose in order to eliminate its difficulties for environment and safety, is often a safe, environmental protection products. Besides used in refinery and also gas stations, oil field electric ignition device with mud gas separator, is now traditionally used in oil drilling executive.
Oil field the superiority regarding electronic ignition system
Digital ignition oil fields “artificial lighting” to “automatic operation”, reflect the humanistic thoughts and environmental demands. Making it necessary to use electronic combustion device, drilling, testing, development process, the release is often the truth. Over the past few decades, Flare feu are manual operation, persons close to flare points, can burn, burns easily, high risk; As well, the artificial operation timeframe is longer, the accuracy and reliability is not high, easy to produce toxic gas emissions for the atmosphere in great volumes, cause different degree of atmosphere pollution.
GN SOLIDS CONTROL Production of electronic feu device let the “shortcomings” stopped to exist. It can be currently of relief, timely, exact location setting off export spewed toxic flammable gas movement line, eliminating the damage connected with gas pollution to the atmosphere and human and pet.

GN power flare ignitor
Electronic ignition device besides used in refinery and filling stations, the device with mud propane separator, is now widely used inside petroleum drilling engineering, is actually a mature product, in home and sichuan oil and gas discipline in xinjiang, in spots like Iran, Egypt, venezuela abroad are using the product.
Electric ignition device is mainly made from DN200 (or 6) gasoline burner (torch), GDH : type 2 electronic igniter, firing equipment (gas tank, hose, etc . ), mud gas separator (matching) whenever used in drilling engineering, and so on This product adopts high performance electronic digital ignition circuit, its principal parts adopt imported ingredients and other parts and cables and wires with domestic high quality goods, stable performance, reliable perform.
Install the butano gas pipeline to safe practices of burner (torch) atmosphere inlet.
Pick up and start the actual electronic igniter current transformation and voltage amplification routine.
Open the gas tank, operating electronic igniter light source flash tube ignition (level), or directly open the particular emptying the firing on the gas valve, lit fireplace with electronic igniter pipe ignition (level 1).
Wide open the gas vent gateway cut, lit by the using up fire tube will mélodie (secondary ignition).
Close the actual gas tank, put out open fire tube, let the combustible in-take gas combustion.

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker  , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client .


How to Make the Mud Agitator Perform Well

In drilling mud solids control system, the
mud agitator is one type of very important equipment widely used in the active mud
storage tank to make the solids suspension to avoid settlement down to the tank
bottom. As a leading manufacture for solids
control equipment
, GN solids control provide the mud agitator from 4 hp to
30 hp, the bearing used are from FAG and the oil seal is from SOG. GN’s mud
agitator is direct connection type for the motor and gear box, which makes the
structure more compact.

How to choose the right model of GN’s Mud

By choosing the suitable model of the mud agitator, GN always
needs know how the inner dimension of the mud tank or mud pit is. Thus GN’s
engineering team would propose the right agitator shaft length and the size of
the impeller. If the mud density could be provided, that would much helpful for
GN to suggest the horse power of the motor. Generally, the heavy much may
request a high power.

How to Install the Mud Agitator

GN’s mud agitator always has the mounting
skid on which the gear box and motor are installed. This design makes the mud
agitator unit more stable if it is installed on the mud tank.  GN’s mud agitator unit will be divided into
pieced for easy delivery. Always, the gear box and motor will be as assembling
package for delivery. The shaft and impeller will be disassembled and packed in
other crates. When install the mud agitator on mud tank, the gear box and motor
assembling is lift and put on the tank top where there has already a hole for
agitator shaft insert into inside of the tank. The shaft was straightly and
vertically bolted to connect with the gear box. For the shaft longer than 6”,
the agitator unit is provided with tank bottom stabilizer to fix lower end of
the shaft to prevent vibration during working. GN can provide the agitator with
one and tow impellers as per the tank depth. The location of the impeller on
the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom to the impeller. GN recommends
the distance 0.75 times of the impeller diameter. For example, a 20” impeller should
be mounted 15” above the bottom. GN recommends straight impeller blades for tanks
under 5’ deep and canted blades for deeper tanks. If dual impellers are
desired, straight blade should be mounted on the bottom and the canted blade
impeller is installed at a point about two-thirds distance above the tank

Any request
on GN’s mud agitator, welcome contact with us for a
quote and more information.

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GN Mud System For HDD Drilling

Where is the drilling mud used, where is
the need for mud cleaning and recollecting unit. Starting from solids
control system for oil and gas drilling
, Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,
Ltd has extend its product line to mud cleaning unit for other kinds of
drilling such as HDD, CBM water well drilling, geothermal drilling, tunneling
and bored piling. Unit now, over 30 sets of mud cleaning unit are delivered to
Australia and New Zealand for HDD trenchless project. So what is HDD drilling?

The full name for HDD is Horizontal
Directional Drilling, commonly known as directional boring with trenchless
method to install underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along
a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal
impact on the surrounding area. When the trenching or excavating can’t be
carried out because of the environmental protection to the landscapes, road and
river, the HDD is the used. Installation lengths up to 2000 m have
been completed, and diameters up to 1200 mm have been installed in
shorter runs. While when there are voids in the rock or incomplete layers of
rock, directional boring is not practical.

In the mud cleaning system for HDD, there are always 2 or 3 stages
treating machine with a mud mixing device. The first stage treatment equipment
is shale shaker which removes coarse solids out; the second stage treatment
equipment is 10’’ desander cyclone to separate
solids over 40 microns; the third stage treatment equipment is 4’’ desilter cyclone to separate solids over 25 microns. After
the treatment, the clean mud will be added some chemicals and mixed for usage.
Later, GN will bring its 350 gpm mud system to attend a show in Australia. Besides
350 gpm, GN has 200gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm standard models.

1000HP Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipments

1000HP drilling rig will require solids control equipment for drilling mud recycling and storage. GN just finished one set to Poland end of last month.

Before design a set of solids control system, you need confirm bellowing questions:

  1. Mud flow requirement. This need confirm to choose shale shaker and desander desilter
  2. If vacuum degasser required
  3. How many set of decanter centrifuge require
  4. High speed decanter centrifuge or middle speed or both?
  5. Mud tank holding capacity needed
  6. Mud tank dimention limit and requirement
  7. Mud tank compartment required
  8. Jobsite layout and jard limit to design mud tank layout
  9. Mud suction line size and outlet position to suilt mud pump
  10. If need tank roof or not
  11. Other special request

GN Solids is one of the leading solids control eqipment suppllier, please contact us freely for inquiry or techinical.

Oilfeild Solids Control Equipment

Oilfeild drilling contains drilling rig, mud pump, solids control system and  others equipments. Oilfeild solids control equipment is mainly for recycling drilling mud and mix new mud for re-use.

Main Equipments For Oilfeild Solids Control

  1. Poor boy degasser to separate gas
  2. Shale shaker for screen separation
  3. Mud cleaner
  4. Centrifugal pump for mud transfer
  5. Decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids
  6. Mud agitator for agitating mud to avoid solids settling down
  7. Mixing hopper to mix new mud for re-use

How To Choose A Good Solids Control Suppier?

  1. Sell history for solids control equipment
  2. Custmer feedback on equipment quality
  3. Techinical support before order will help a lot
  4. After sales service and stock support
  5. Documents support