GN Solids Control provided one set of mud system for The european union

GN Solids Control
provided one set of mud system for The european union GN
Solids Command manufactures various mud these recycling systems and most of
these mud systems are widely used within over 60 countries. As increasing
numbers of countries pay attention to the environment safety, GN mud
recycling system
 are getting more and more popular.

Lately, GN Solids Control only provided one set of mud system that using in h2o
well drilling for The european union. GN Solids Control mud systems
successfully won this kind of project due to the large productive projects that
we did ahead of. And GN Solids control also has many certifications that prove
GN has been attempting to be the No . 1 solids control manufacturer in the
world. Vouchers such as API, DNV, ISO are available since the establishment.

This kind of GN water well mud system is purchased by on the list of leading
well drilling firms in Europe. They will recycling the drilling mud and
recycling the water. This system is like the bellowing equipments:


1 .GN
Double Deck Shaker

Which has a compact structure, GN dual deck shaker is mainly useful for two
phase separation. The top shaker is equipped with shaker displays have larger
opening, whilst the bottom shaker is equipped with displays have small opening.
Going fluids will be separated with the upper deck shaker beforehand, then it
can be further split up by the bottom shaker.

2 . GN Decanter

GN centrifuge GNLW363 is traditionally used to separate out pretty good solids
from 2 microns to 5 microns. The spinning bowl diameter is 14inch, with a high
rotating increase to 3200 rpm, often the G force can get to to 2062G.

3. GN Screw Pump

GN good displacement pumps, also referred to as screw pumps, they are mainly
utilized to feed into decanter centrifuge without agitating the drilling mud
too much.

4. GN mudTank

Shaker, centrifuge along with screw pump are attached with one mud tank. On
this company design, GN drinking water well mud system can be utilized in many
different worksites.

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GN Mud Recycling System for HDD Drilling

As the top manufacturer of solids control
system & equipment
for oil and gas drilling and mud recycling
system & equipment for HDD drilling, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has
always being  leading the technology of
solids control in China. Being the first API certified solids control company
in China, and also certified by DNV CE, Russia TP&TC, Hebei GN Solids Control
has exported to over 60 countries around the world. Early in 2013, GN Solids
America was set up as the first and biggest China owner USA based Solids Control
Company. Unit now, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has developed partners in
Australia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. With a few years’
development, Hebei GN Solids Control has achieved an international brand GN
Solids Control which targets at medium and high end market customers.

Regarding to the mud recycling system for HDD drilling,
It generally includes 2 or 3 phase treating machines with mud mixing devices.
If it is with 2 phases, the first phase will be shale shaker to separate coarse
solids and then desander cones or desilter cones to separate fine solids. If
with 3 phases, the first phase will be shale shaker,
the second will be desander cones, the third will be desilter cones. Regarding
to the mud mixing device, it is mud mixing hopper with mud mixing pump. In GN,
the standard models are divided by the treating capacity from 200 gpm to
1000gpm, so we have 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, and 1000GPM. Unit till now, over 20
sets operate in Australia for HDD and CBM drilling, also GN delivered one set
for Vermeer drilling rigs to India. If you have any interest to question on GN
mud recycling system, you can contact GN freely.

Trechless Mud Recycling System Will Be At No Dig Shown

No – Dig Down Under 2015 is the 11th
of ASTT No – Dig show , it will be returning to Gold Coast this year by the
Australiasian Society For Trenchless Technology at exhibition centre in Gold
Coast between September 8 and September 11 in year 2015 . there will be 3 main
social event during the show inlcuidng opening cocktail party , boat cruise and
Gala Dinner . Detail address of No Dig show is : Gold Coast convention &
exhibition centre at 2684 – 2690 gold coast highway , broad beach , quensland
4218 in Australia .

Trechless Mud Recycling System Will Be At
No Dig Shown

GN Solids design and build a series of mud
recycling system for trenchless technology , amount all of the designs , GNMS
-200G , GNMS -350G , GNMS -500B , GNMS -500G , GNMS -500GL are the most popular
options depending on different drilling conditions . GN Solids will bring one
set GNMS -200G mud recycling system to the show with max 200 GPM mud capacity
with a double deck shale shaker , it is a two phase cleaning mud system with
shale shaker and desilter cyclones . Mixing application is available with a
small mixing pump and mixing hopper , mud tank size 4m x 2m x 1.3m devided into
2 compartment with sand trap and mixing compartment , the 2 sets of centrifugal
pump sit on tank skid .

GN Solids normally show different models of
mud recycling system every time , we showed 500 GPM mud recycling system at
year 2011 with a 3 phased cleaning by shale shaker , desander , desilter and
mixer with jack legs for fast moving . Other than GN standard mud recycling
system, we build customized mud recycling system also , please contact GN
Solids freely .