Solids Control


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd
has many years of experiences in solids control field for oil and gas drilling
and has developed fast and stable in a few years. Now it has the ability to
design and manufacture mud recycling system for HDD drilling, CBM drilling,
geothermal drilling; desander unit for bore piling, TBM;
solids removal unit for other kinds of drillings. Recently GN delivered 2 sets
of solids removal unit to a South America drilling contractor. South America is
one of GN’s main markets where many sets of GN decanter centrifuge are
operating such as Brazil, Argentina.


 The solids removal unit has 2 phase
treating machines. The 1 phase is GNZS752 shale shaker with 2 panel screen which renders a
capacity of 200GPM. It is used to remove coarse solids to lower the abrasion
for the second phase treating machine, and also to enhance the treating
capacity of second phase machine. The 2 phase machine is GNLW223 decanter centrifuge with
small bowl but high speed to separate fine solids out.  Also there is mud mixing device. After
treated by the decanter centrifuge, the mud will be clean enough to be mixed
with chemical so that it can return to the drilling rig for the recycling

 With the support of GN Solids Control
Argentina service support center, and the facility in Houston, Texas, GN Solids
Control is able to provide South and North America market client with fast
delivery and fast response for after sales services. Normally GN will recommend
the operators to keep a minimum stock of spare parts for its regular
operations. For the first time commissioning of the solids removal unit is free
of Charge from GN Solids Control within limited time, clients only need to
offer the flight tickets and accommodations. During the commissioning, GN Engineers
will also train up the clients engineers for the solids removal unit operation
and maintenance.

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Decanter Centrifuge is among the most
typical and well-known equipment in drilling mud solids control project. It’s frequently utilized
as the 4th stage solids control equipment to get rid of the best fine solids.
To some degree, the performance from the centrifuge determines the prosperity
of the work.

How you can define the capability from the
horizontal sedimentation decanter centrifuge

The majority of the oilfield application
decanter centrifuge producers worldwide claim the capability that is examined
using the water. Go ahead and take GNLW363BG normal size bowl centrifuge
for instance, the nominal capacity is 132GPM, this capacity is perfect for
water and also the actual dealing with capacity could be various based on the
drilling mud condition or any other factors. That’s why when customer asks how
is the capability from the centrifuge, GN always asks the consumer to supply
just as much information from the drilling mud as you possibly can. Normally,
the solid content percentage and distribution, the mud density and viscosity are
essential needed.

How you can choose the appropriate decanter
centrifuge according the reason

The decanter centrifuge is classed as
middle speed and high speed; GN team suggested choosing the decanter centrifuge
rotation speed according the work purpose.

a. For barite recycling, the G force
700-1000, RPM around 2000

b. For low gravity solids separation, the G
force 1800-2300, RPM 3200

C. For High gravity solid separation, the G
force 1000-2000, RPM 2500

How you can adjust the centrifuge technical
parameters for correct operation

You will find some parameters from the
centrifuge throughout operation have to be given more attention for easily
working and specified performance result. The parameters here involved will be
the bowl speed, the differential speed, the feeding flow rate and liquid
discharge port plate adjustment.

If you prefer a large treating capacity,
you will want enhance the differential speed by raising the bowl speed.

If you would like the liquid as clean as
enough, you’ll need enhance the bowl speed, lessen the differential speed, and
lift the liquid discharge plate to some high position, thus the mud would
remain in the bowl for extended time, and also the liquid pool could be deep.
More solids could be sediment for the bowl wall. Then liquid released out might
have less solid particle.

If you wish to the released solid material
much dryer, you are able to enhance the bowl speed, lessen the differential
speed, minimizing the liquid discharge part plate position. Then your liquid
could be released rapidly, and also the solid could have a lengthy distance for
dewatering when discharging from the cone slope in the small finish from the bowl.

An effective feeding flow rates are
important too for well performance from the centrifuge. Usually, the operator
would try several occasions with various flow rates to select a finest one.
This is often implemented only through the variable speed control pump.

GN Solids Control can provide decanter
centrifuge for fixed speed and Variable speed. To learn more, don’t hesitate to
connection with us.

GN Solids Control is worldwide supplier for solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment. They have wide net sales all over the world. And they attend big and important oil show in different countries. What show they attend?  Let see the past year 2014 of GN Solids control oil show.

1) Beijing CIPPE 2014 Oil Show

As biggest oil show in the world with coming influence, Beijing CIPPE is known by more and more professionals in solids control field. From 2010, GN Solids control attend Beijing Oil Show and each year they can get some purchaser order or get some importance chance to link with international big buyers who are committed themselves in solids control service and drilling cuttings management service.

2) Iran oil show 2014

Formerly, GN want to attend Iran oil show in 2014, however, it was cancelled later because of conflict between Iran and America. Anyway, GN will attend Iran oil show 2015 and link with NIDC, NDC, and NIOC etc. International oil service companies.

3) Australia No-dig show 2014

Australia is country with large demand for no-dig equipment. GN Solids control compact mud system is much popular there and we have our agent TT Asia who can help us to market the place there. The demand from Australia is sustainable and big every year.

4) Shanghai CIPPE 2014

Shanghai CIPPE 2014 is a supplement for Beijing CIPPE 2014. This is for people who missed Beijing CIPPE 2014. We also attend Shanghai CIPPE each year in case any losing of valuable customers from overseas.

5) USA OTC oil show 2014

We are the first China solids control company who attend OTC from 2012. From then, we attend to OTC every year and the results are really good. We can compare with Derrick, Swaco, Nov Brandt etc. International solids control equipment supplier, and know the difference between us. Then, we can make up for the no good and optimize our Solids control equipment.

GN Solids control will also attend much oil show during 2015.  Let’s see GN Solids control 2015.

By accelerating mud through a curved vessel, solids and mud are separated according to Stokes Law. These solids are passed over a screen to recover excess fluid. Function The mud cleaner is a solids separation device that combines a desilter with a screen device. The mud cleaner removes solids using a two stage process. First, the drilling fluid is processed by the desilter. Second, the discharge from the desilter is processed by a high-energy, fine mesh shaker screen. This method of solids removal is recommended for muds containing significant amounts of weighting materials or having expensive fluid phases.

Note: When recovering weight material with a mud cleaning system, be aware that any fine solids that go through the cleaner’s screen are also retained in the mud. Over time, the process can lead to a fine-solids build-up.

Trouble shooting for mud cleaners

Since the mud cleaner is both a hydrocyclone and a shaker, many of the operating guidelines listed for these devices apply to mud cleaners. A decrease in solids coming off the screen may indicate a torn screen, which should be replaced immediately. Plugged cones or large solids coming off the screen can imply a problem with the upstream shale shakers. The likely causes are bypassed screens, torn screens or dumping the shaker box into the active system. The desander cones on the mud cleaner should be 6 in. diameter or smaller. The median cuts of larger cones are too coarse to be useful.

Performance operation of mud cleaner

If a mud cleaner were to be utilised, a number of areas should be addressed:

• The unit should be installed in such a way that access, both for monitoring and maintenance purposes is adequate.

• It is extremely important that the centrifugal feed pump is correctly matched to whatever mud system is in use, so as to guarantee the correct feed pressure.

• Impeller size and condition is critical to operational efficiency. Any found to have seriously washed blades should be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

GN set an branch in Americal last year with a 3000 squire meters ware house to stock shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and pumps. We will have stock for standard equipments in houston normally like bellow:

1) 500GPM capacity shale shaker with 3 or 4 decks. IECEX certified vibrator motor and control panels is availeble, 7.0G force, 2×1.72KW vibrator motor

2) 1000GPM capacity mud cleaner with 2 no. 10 inch desander cone and 12 no. 4 inch desilter cone. Bottom shaker normally 3 or 4 decks panel same with above shale shaker specification

3) Centrifugal pumps for feeding  mud to desander desilter cones, normally 1000GPM mud flow capacity with 30-35m lift IECEX certificated electrical motors

4) Mud agitators from 5.5-22kw powered with impeller and shaft for stock

5) Mixing pump and mixing hopper for mixing new mud purpose, normally 1000GPM mud flow with IECEX certified electircal motors

6) Decanter centrifuge for oil and gas drilling with middle speed or high speed rotation. Max 3200 RPM for bowl speed and 2-7 microns separating size, duplex stainless material for bolw and screw

7) Big bowl centrifuge for oil and gas drillilng, 400-500GPM mud capacity, 2500RPM max speed, deplex stainless material for bowl and screw

8) Screw pump for feeding GN decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management project

9) Stardard spare parts for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, pumps and pipe connections

GN Solids Control is one of the proffessional solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment manufacturer, please contact GN freely for inquiry or help.