Shale shaker is the first phase equipment for mud cleaning, there are many suppliers in the world but top 5 are the most popular brand

1) Derrick. Derrick shakers is a leading brand for oil and gas drilling

2) Brandt. Brandt shakers is popular for oil and gas drilling

3) GN. GN shakers not only focus on oil and gas drilling but also CBM /HDD industry

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Many clients are not so clear on there requirement for shale shaker. They may ask: Do I need a shale shaker for my rotary drilling?

Normally a shaker with 200 mesh screen can separate 75 micron drilling cuttings. If you mud solids particals is larger than 75 microns, a shale shaker will help you on better performance. If you mud solids cparticals are finer than 75 microns, you may consider to running a desilter directly

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The Mud Flow from work over Drilling rig always very low like 2.3m or 2m. In this case, they will need shale shaker inlet to be lower like 1.8m. How to make it workable as mud tank aways 1.6-2.4m high?

1) Lower mud tank. But you can’t lower it too much becasue their will be pump installed on tank skid

2) Lower shaker inlet center. Cut shaker deck back to be lower will be helpful

GN has sold a lot of work over rig shakers and knows how to meet clients requirement. Pls contact us freely

Mini shale shaker

No Dig drilling mud capacity always smaller and some drillings may need 150GPM capacity. Many solids control equipment manufacturer focus on oil&gas drilling and shakers aways have capacity minimum 400GPM. GN Solids Control bring in a Mini shale shaker with 200GPM capacity to meet Mini capacity requirement on No Dig Drilling.

Mini shale shakerGN mini shale shaker install 2 pc mini shaker screen, it’s availeble to install desilter cone to comby a mini mud cleaner for second phase cleaning. Does it cool?