Mud cleaner

this article, we will mainly talk about GN shale shakers’ different combinations
with Desander or Desilter, Desander and Desilter together are also available
for customers. The details are as below, 

1. GN Shale
Shaker & Desilter AIO
(all in one machine)

Compared with separate shale shaker or desilter, this
AIO machine’s function could be much stronger and the whole structure could be
more compact. It has 2 stages function for treating the drilling fluid. 

The 1st stage is by using the shale shaker for
separating out the solid articles over 100μm
usually; The 2nd stage is by using the desilter for separating
out the solid articles over 20μm

The quantity of the hydrocyclones of desilter is
selectable based on different treatment capacity in unit time.

2. GN Shale
Shaker & Desander AIO
(all in one machine) 

This machine is the combination of shaker and desander.
Compact structure and perfect work performance make it popular in all most all
the drilling industries. 

The desander is usually for separating out the solid
particles over 40μm in
the drilling fluid. Firstly the drilling fluid is screened by shale shaker
and then treated by desander. Based on the requirements for different treatment
capacity in unit time, the quantity of hydrocyclones of desander could be

3. GN Shale
Shaker & Desilter & Desander AIO
(all in one machine) 

Actually this combination
of shaker, desilter and desander is called “Mud Cleaner” in GN. Its advantage is also
compact structure and has the complete functions for treating the drilling
fluids with 3 stages. 

The 1st stage is by
shaker, usually the solids particles over 100μm in fluid could be separated out;

The 2nd stage is by
desander, usually the solids particles over 40μm in fluid could be separated out;

The 3rd stage is by
desilter, usually the solids particles over 20μm in fluid could be separated out; 

This machine has 2-layer screens. The lower
is used for doing the 1st stage separation, the upper screen is used for
further screening the separated solid particles by desander and desilter and
reducing the water in the solid particles.  

GN Solids America is set up in Houston Texas that is warehouse and purchase office. We’re investing to supply a full-range of solids control models and corresponding spares. Allow me to introduce what you can find from your warehouse

 1. GNZS 594 Shale shaker

 GNZS 594-HB model shale shaker is big capacity (140 m³/h or 616GPM) with 4 panel shaker screen. Unique patent rubber sealing between shaker screen and deck avoid the drilling liquids from overflow the shaker screen. US-made vibration motor provides Super G pressure and acceptable working performance. Explosion-proof control panel with CE, ISO and API compliant assure your safety

 2. GNZJ594E-2S12N mud Cleaner

 GNZS 594-HB model mud cleaner is big capacity (240m³/h or 1058GPM) with 2 teams of ten inch desander and 12 teams of 4 inch desilter. PU material for desander and desilter provide the positive working performance with longer service period. Adjustable deck position can be obtained from -1 ° to 5 °for different programs

 3. Jet Mud Mixer

 GN jet mud mixer that contains centrifugal pump and venturi hopper is mixing liquids with a number of chemical. Drilling liquids that are mixed by GN mud mixer effectively clean bottom hole, control the underside hole pressure and take care of with potential blow-out. Also, centrifugal pump is by using mechanical sealing and 100% exchangeable with Mission pump. Capacity of pump comes from 1408GPM to 200GPM. The hopper has got the 4 inch and 6 inch two size connections.

 4 Mud agitator and Mud Gun

 Both mud agitator and mud gun are used within the mixing tank. They effectively suspend all contaminants and stop drilling liquids sediment. GN mud gun has three mister nozzles which spread the liquids to all over. Working pressure can be 928PSI. GN mud agitator provide the double and single impeller to maximum blend all chemicals

 Discover more solids control employed by any project; make a connection with GN Solids American

Related Arciels:

By accelerating mud through a curved vessel, solids and mud are separated according to Stokes Law. These solids are passed over a screen to recover excess fluid. Function The mud cleaner is a solids separation device that combines a desilter with a screen device. The mud cleaner removes solids using a two stage process. First, the drilling fluid is processed by the desilter. Second, the discharge from the desilter is processed by a high-energy, fine mesh shaker screen. This method of solids removal is recommended for muds containing significant amounts of weighting materials or having expensive fluid phases.

Note: When recovering weight material with a mud cleaning system, be aware that any fine solids that go through the cleaner’s screen are also retained in the mud. Over time, the process can lead to a fine-solids build-up.

Trouble shooting for mud cleaners

Since the mud cleaner is both a hydrocyclone and a shaker, many of the operating guidelines listed for these devices apply to mud cleaners. A decrease in solids coming off the screen may indicate a torn screen, which should be replaced immediately. Plugged cones or large solids coming off the screen can imply a problem with the upstream shale shakers. The likely causes are bypassed screens, torn screens or dumping the shaker box into the active system. The desander cones on the mud cleaner should be 6 in. diameter or smaller. The median cuts of larger cones are too coarse to be useful.

Performance operation of mud cleaner

If a mud cleaner were to be utilised, a number of areas should be addressed:

• The unit should be installed in such a way that access, both for monitoring and maintenance purposes is adequate.

• It is extremely important that the centrifugal feed pump is correctly matched to whatever mud system is in use, so as to guarantee the correct feed pressure.

• Impeller size and condition is critical to operational efficiency. Any found to have seriously washed blades should be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

being packed and loaded in GN Solids Control System Factory, One set oil drilling mud system was finished production in GN Solids Handle factory positioned in China. This mud strategy is developed for 1000HP oil drilling rig. It will be utilised inside a Poland oil field.

This mud systems completely has 3 sets mud tanks for mud holding and storage. The very first mud tank is utilised as treating and cleaning tank. You’ll find actually two 500 GPM shale shakers, 1 set mud cleaner. The mud cleaner has 2x ten? desander cones and 12×4 desilter cones. two centrifugal pumps are made use of to feed the mud cleaner. A single for desander and one particular distinct for desilter. The second tank is applied as mixing tanks you may learn 2 sets jet mud mixer with centrifugal pumps. The jet mud mixer is applied for mixing new mud for the drilling rig. The third tank is mud storage tank. On all tanks it is possible to find mud agitators for mud mixing. This complete strategy is paint by client? personal logo. As well as the colour is also customized. We’re really versatile in carrying out tiny enterprise we accept customers own colour and logo on all our equipments.

GN Solids Manage has enough encounter in producing solids handle mud systems. That’s our key and core enterprise. Our mud systems have been operating around the globe when our organization established. We also have mud systems for HDD, CBM drilling and compact design and style strategy for bored piling, Gn-Solids-America shaker screens are rather popular as well. Their screens conform to API 13C. They also provide shaker screen for many other famous brand.

GNSolidsamerica provide best Solids Control & Mud cleaner, even offer shaker screen,you can contact them to get more help.

Mini shale shaker

No Dig drilling mud capacity always smaller and some drillings may need 150GPM capacity. Many solids control equipment manufacturer focus on oil&gas drilling and shakers aways have capacity minimum 400GPM. GN Solids Control bring in a Mini shale shaker with 200GPM capacity to meet Mini capacity requirement on No Dig Drilling.

Mini shale shakerGN mini shale shaker install 2 pc mini shaker screen, it’s availeble to install desilter cone to comby a mini mud cleaner for second phase cleaning. Does it cool?