mud agitator

Vacuum Degasser
is mostly used in essential oil & gas drilling rigs. It is used to remove
the fuel in the drilling mud to hold the property, keep the density, the law of
gravity and viscosity of the drilling mud. This unit is generally installed
after shakers, can function efficiently to remove gas through gas-cut mud, to
prevent possible blowouts. This unit is essential working as one of security
equipment in drilling rigsite.
Recently, we have one customer from Africa, purchasing 1 set vacuum degasser
for first time project. The client is nearby famous drilling contractor as well
as work together with Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Halliburton etc .
The actual vacuum degasser we offer for them, with below technical specs:

· Model: GNZCQ360A
· Main size: 920mm
· Capacity: ≤360 m3/h (1584GPM)
· Vacuum Degre: -0. 02~-0. 04 Mpa
· Handling Efficiency: ≥95%
· Main Electric motor Power: 37Kw (50HP)
· Pump Motor Power: 7. 5Kw (10 HP)
· Rotation Pace: 860RPM
· EX Standard: ExdIIBt4
· Suction line size: six inch
· Outlet line dimension: 8 inch
· Weight: 1870kg
· Dimension: 2100×1605×1729mm

The produce is as per GB/T11645-89 Nationwide Standard. After all assembly
complete, test with water. Almost all connections and welding factors no
leakage, vacuum level reach to above 400mmHg. Within 2hours, bearing temporary.
Keep below 60°C. Absolutely no abnormal noise or coup.
Except for vacuum degasser, all of us export large quantity of decanter
, vertical cuttings dryer, mud agitator, centrifugal penis pumps,
shale shakers and shaker screens.
1) GN high quality decanter centrifuge for Africa marketplace
GNLW363CG or GNLW363CG-VFD is among the most popular decanter centrifuge with
regard to solids control drilling marketplace. The 14inch decanter centrifuge
can be used for barite recuperation, mud weight cutting as well as LGS
separation. This is the the majority of flexible centrifuge model, that similar
to US brand centrifuges.

2) GN premium up and down cuttings dryer for Africa drilling
waste management
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is actually tested in rigsite for nearly 3
years. In the past years, all of us keep improving the quality as well as
design of the dryer. For the time being, the quality and performance can
contend with US brand vertical cuttings dryer. Many drilling service provider
shift from US brand name dryer to GN
Solids Control
brand, to get higher cost-effective product.
3) Great quantity of centrifugal pumps and shaker screens also exported in
order to Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Gabon, Ghana etc .


is a tough year for oil and gas market. The crude oil price tag keep getting
down and also down. More and more rigs turn up especially in US as well as
Europe. So many small corporations cannot survive in this challenging
condition. But it is good that will GN Solids Control remains and keeps
growing. The main reason is the fact,
GN Solids Control
simply focus on high quality products and supplied with
reasonable and aggressive price. GN does certainly not make low quality
products for you to damage its reputation.
Go searching year 2015, GN tends to make great jobs in the year. Listed below
we list part of the difficulties.
1) The Second GN Beijing factory is fabricated nicely and finished decoration.
It really is with the similar size with all the main factory. The new
manufacturing line have bought in. GN Solids can offer a bigger developing
capacity from the coming beginning of the year.
2) GN upgraded the primary equipment line: drying shaker, vertical cuttings
dryer, decanter
, screw conveyer, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud
gun. The updated style and design can suit more complex issue. GN get very good
suggestions from jobsite for the completely new models. They likes the brand
new feature and feedback the brand new features make the equipment easier to
use and improve the performance significantly.

3) GN finished normal drilling mud system style. The standard design can fits
most conditions, the customers like the standard design. GN Solids Control
always continues stock for the standard style and design mud systems, So Some
remarkable company can dispatch the entire mud system to consumers immediately
after they make order. Often the mud
recycling system
GN can offer in stock:
Financial standard desanding plant intended for HDD, CBM, piling…: GNMS-200D
FOR 200gpm, GNMS-500D with regard to 500gpm.
Advanced standard mud system system for HDD, CBM and water properly drilling:
GNMS-200G for 200GPM with mixing system, GNMS-500G for 500GPM with mixing
system, GNMS-500GL for 500GPM with mixing system with a larger storage

In drilling mud solids control system, the
mud agitator is one type of very important equipment widely used in the active mud
storage tank to make the solids suspension to avoid settlement down to the tank
bottom. As a leading manufacture for solids
control equipment
, GN solids control provide the mud agitator from 4 hp to
30 hp, the bearing used are from FAG and the oil seal is from SOG. GN’s mud
agitator is direct connection type for the motor and gear box, which makes the
structure more compact.

How to choose the right model of GN’s Mud

By choosing the suitable model of the mud agitator, GN always
needs know how the inner dimension of the mud tank or mud pit is. Thus GN’s
engineering team would propose the right agitator shaft length and the size of
the impeller. If the mud density could be provided, that would much helpful for
GN to suggest the horse power of the motor. Generally, the heavy much may
request a high power.

How to Install the Mud Agitator

GN’s mud agitator always has the mounting
skid on which the gear box and motor are installed. This design makes the mud
agitator unit more stable if it is installed on the mud tank.  GN’s mud agitator unit will be divided into
pieced for easy delivery. Always, the gear box and motor will be as assembling
package for delivery. The shaft and impeller will be disassembled and packed in
other crates. When install the mud agitator on mud tank, the gear box and motor
assembling is lift and put on the tank top where there has already a hole for
agitator shaft insert into inside of the tank. The shaft was straightly and
vertically bolted to connect with the gear box. For the shaft longer than 6”,
the agitator unit is provided with tank bottom stabilizer to fix lower end of
the shaft to prevent vibration during working. GN can provide the agitator with
one and tow impellers as per the tank depth. The location of the impeller on
the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom to the impeller. GN recommends
the distance 0.75 times of the impeller diameter. For example, a 20” impeller should
be mounted 15” above the bottom. GN recommends straight impeller blades for tanks
under 5’ deep and canted blades for deeper tanks. If dual impellers are
desired, straight blade should be mounted on the bottom and the canted blade
impeller is installed at a point about two-thirds distance above the tank

Any request
on GN’s mud agitator, welcome contact with us for a
quote and more information.

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GN Solids America is set up in Houston Texas that is warehouse and purchase office. We’re investing to supply a full-range of solids control models and corresponding spares. Allow me to introduce what you can find from your warehouse

 1. GNZS 594 Shale shaker

 GNZS 594-HB model shale shaker is big capacity (140 m³/h or 616GPM) with 4 panel shaker screen. Unique patent rubber sealing between shaker screen and deck avoid the drilling liquids from overflow the shaker screen. US-made vibration motor provides Super G pressure and acceptable working performance. Explosion-proof control panel with CE, ISO and API compliant assure your safety

 2. GNZJ594E-2S12N mud Cleaner

 GNZS 594-HB model mud cleaner is big capacity (240m³/h or 1058GPM) with 2 teams of ten inch desander and 12 teams of 4 inch desilter. PU material for desander and desilter provide the positive working performance with longer service period. Adjustable deck position can be obtained from -1 ° to 5 °for different programs

 3. Jet Mud Mixer

 GN jet mud mixer that contains centrifugal pump and venturi hopper is mixing liquids with a number of chemical. Drilling liquids that are mixed by GN mud mixer effectively clean bottom hole, control the underside hole pressure and take care of with potential blow-out. Also, centrifugal pump is by using mechanical sealing and 100% exchangeable with Mission pump. Capacity of pump comes from 1408GPM to 200GPM. The hopper has got the 4 inch and 6 inch two size connections.

 4 Mud agitator and Mud Gun

 Both mud agitator and mud gun are used within the mixing tank. They effectively suspend all contaminants and stop drilling liquids sediment. GN mud gun has three mister nozzles which spread the liquids to all over. Working pressure can be 928PSI. GN mud agitator provide the double and single impeller to maximum blend all chemicals

 Discover more solids control employed by any project; make a connection with GN Solids American

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All mud agitators and mud conditioners share the same simple design and rugged components. With minimal replacement parts, they provide years of dependable, economical service. Smaller solids that may bypass the agitators can be removed by Brandt hydrocyclones. Brandt mud conditioners save valuable fluid by drying the hydrocyclone underflow with efficient linear motion. mud agitator are ideal for“closed-loop” operations or whenever excessive liquid loss from hydrocyclone underflows must be avoided. When liquid loss is not a concern, the hydrocyclone underflow may be directed away from the screens by simply opening the bypass valve. This minimizes liquid pools and reduces undue weight on screens.

The causes of damage of mud agitator are: 1. The drilling fluid density, high viscosity, mixer, low power, overload use 2. Don’t insist on continuous operation, drilling fluid static for a long time after the start, by overload 3. Can’t adhere to timely maintenance moist 4. Installation is unreasonable, no cover or fan operation 5. Fixed condition is bad, screw loosening, or a fixed screw is not complete, large vibration and damage, these can cause damage to the blender. Mud agitator in order to adapt to the need of more comprehensive drilling, it is the trend of future: timing, constant speed, single, such as choosing a variety of functions, easy operation, stable starting torque, rotational speed, low noise, etc. GN solids control company staff to build professional e-commerce website, here, we will show you the best mud mixers, as well as our online services platform to answer your problem. If you want to get it, click here to go directly to the page, I believe your choice, can’t be wrong.