GN Solids Control

Among all the Chinese Solids Control
suppliers, even commented by its peers in this industry, GN Solids Control has
a good reputation, because since its establishment several years ago, GN has
been determined to provide the oil and gas industry the best quality equipments
and most efficient solutions and to stand an good example for Made in China.

Now, GN Solids Control became the second
to none solids control company and the main reasons are as below:

1. GN always catches up with the newest
technology and GN R&D team always innoviate new designs per end users’
suggestions and apply the designs onto equipment quickly.

2. GN uses the top and reliable material
and parts, like the steel, GN uses the national standard steels from big steel
companies. The bearings and oil sealing, GN use SKF,
NSK, FAG and SOG. Only good material can ensure the good products.

3. GN is serious about after-sale service, like
the free of charge first time commissioning for main equipments, and for after
sale services, like spare parts, GN always has spare parts available in stock
and can do on line diagnose in case of troubles.

When talking about the real performance of
the equipment, the evidences from the clients who use them are more convincible
than those from the manufacturer. There are feedbacks from some of GN clients:

1. Baker Hughes, one of the largest Oil
Service companies in the world, choose GN as its solids control supplier in
China, and ordered 4 sets of complete GN drilling
cuttings waste management systems
to use in their Russian sites. And they
are giving good feedbacks and comments. You can see their jobsite working video

2. An Nigerian drilling company, they
visited all China main solids control suppliers before ordering, and finally
chose GN for long term cooperation and use GN’s centrifuges, vertical
cuttings dryers
and pumps and etc. They are foreign companies in Nigeria,
they have to strictly obey all the regulations for protecting the environment,
and GN’s equipment and solutions helped them a lot.

3. other clients, like Scomi Oiltools, also
an international company for oil service, and some European companies, and etc.
Same equipments system is also working on Shell’s jobsite, see jobsite video

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Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the top
manufacturer of solids control equipment and leading manufacturer of drilling
waste management equipment in China, being the first API certified in China and
the first developed vertical
cutting dryer
in China. Because of its leading role in solids control and
waste management technology, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has exported to
over 60 countries and occupied the largest portion in the international market,
thus achieving a famous brand GN Solids Control.
Certainly, Africa especially Nigeria is a huge market for GN, and now around
100 sets decanter centrifuge are operating in Africa for solids control.
Recently, our sales team are now in Nigeria doing commission service for 3 sets
waste management equipment
on the drilling site.

GN main product line of drilling waste
management includes high G shaker, vertical cutting dryer and decanter
centrifuge. GN high G
can reach to max 8.0 G force because the screen bed is made of
stainless steel and the whole deck is heat treated. GN vertical cutting dryer
can reach to a 750 G force at a speed of 1200RPM so as to dry the oil based
drilling cutting with a oil content at around 5%. GN decanter
is to treat the liquids discharge from high G shaker or the
vertical cutting dryer to make more clean fluids return back to active system. Beside
singe drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control also supplies
complete drilling waste management system with the combination of vertical
cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge on a skid mounted with little mud tank. GN provides 2
standard model of drilling waste management system for customers’ option, and
also customized drilling waste management systems are available in GN.