GN Solids Control

In this article, we mainly introduce the different types of centrifuge
that manufactured by GN Solids Control. Now we will classify the decanters
based on different features. 

Treatment Capacity

Based on the treatment capacities, GN could manufacture 5 different decanters.
The capacity is from minimum 40GPM to maximum 484GPM, which could meet the
requirements from customers in different industries. The details are as below,

Centrifuge Speed

Based on the centrifuge speed, GN has 2 different choices for customer
option with each type of centrifuge.

l  Fixed Speed: the
speeds of drum and helical pusher are fixed and could not be changed by

l  Variable Speed: the
speeds of drum and helical pusher are variable and customer could chose and set
the speed according to requirement. It will be very convenient for the customer
and also helpful for improving the work efficiency.

Like the Model GNLW223 centrifuge, the speed could be 3800RPM or


With each type of centrifuge, GN also has the standard configuration and high
configuration for customer option. Actually both of the 2 configuration’s
centrifuge, Here GN are committed to good quality and perfect performance. 

Compared with the centrifuge with standard configuration, the
centrifuge with high configuration will be much better on some aspects, such

  • Raw Material

The former drum is made from S304 stainless steel by centrifugal

The latter drum is made from Duplex 2205 stainless steel by centrifugal
casting, the ram material is better;

  • Bearings

As we know, the bearings are 1 of the most important parts with
centrifuge and its quality will influence the work performance directly. DN
adopts the bearings from world famous brand for both of the 2 configurations:

The former bearings are from NSK/FAG;

The latter bearings are from SKF.

In the next article, we will introduce the key features about GN’s
centrifuges, please stay tuned.

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is a tough year for oil and gas market. The crude oil price tag keep getting
down and also down. More and more rigs turn up especially in US as well as
Europe. So many small corporations cannot survive in this challenging
condition. But it is good that will GN Solids Control remains and keeps
growing. The main reason is the fact,
GN Solids Control
simply focus on high quality products and supplied with
reasonable and aggressive price. GN does certainly not make low quality
products for you to damage its reputation.
Go searching year 2015, GN tends to make great jobs in the year. Listed below
we list part of the difficulties.
1) The Second GN Beijing factory is fabricated nicely and finished decoration.
It really is with the similar size with all the main factory. The new
manufacturing line have bought in. GN Solids can offer a bigger developing
capacity from the coming beginning of the year.
2) GN upgraded the primary equipment line: drying shaker, vertical cuttings
dryer, decanter
, screw conveyer, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud
gun. The updated style and design can suit more complex issue. GN get very good
suggestions from jobsite for the completely new models. They likes the brand
new feature and feedback the brand new features make the equipment easier to
use and improve the performance significantly.

3) GN finished normal drilling mud system style. The standard design can fits
most conditions, the customers like the standard design. GN Solids Control
always continues stock for the standard style and design mud systems, So Some
remarkable company can dispatch the entire mud system to consumers immediately
after they make order. Often the mud
recycling system
GN can offer in stock:
Financial standard desanding plant intended for HDD, CBM, piling…: GNMS-200D
FOR 200gpm, GNMS-500D with regard to 500gpm.
Advanced standard mud system system for HDD, CBM and water properly drilling:
GNMS-200G for 200GPM with mixing system, GNMS-500G for 500GPM with mixing
system, GNMS-500GL for 500GPM with mixing system with a larger storage

Desilter, which is
another kind of solids control equipment for treating the drilling fluid. In
this article, we will mainly introduce the Desilter made by GN Solids Control. 

Actually compared
with the desander, the desilter has the same working principle, similar
structure and different configurations for customer option.

Usually desilter
is matched together with the shale shaker and desander and used for doing the
3rd-stage separation with the drilling fluid. 

Most of the big
sizes of drilling cuttings over 40μm will be separated after being treated by the shale
shaker and desander. In next step the drilling fluid goes into the desilter and
most of the solid particles over 20μm are separated out from the fluid and the drilling
fluid become much more clear. 

The main part of desilter
is also the hydrocyclones, but the size is different with the desander’s. Each
hydrocyclone used on GN’s Desilter are 4 inches and its standard treatment
capacity is 20m³/h. Usually 8 units, 12 units or 16 units
of hydrocyclone are standard configuration on GN’s Desilter, the corresponding standard
treatment capacity is 120m³/h, 240m³/h and 360m³/h. It is also customized and the customer could choose
specific quantity of hydrocyclone for different treatment capacity. 

In most of the
time the desilter is recommend by GN Solids Control to be combined together with
1 shale shaker (the desilter & shale shaker AIO), as the separated solids
particles could be further dried by through the shale shaker’s screen and the drying
effect could be better, especially for the weighted drilling mud.

the customer needs the desilter, shale shaker and desander to be combined together
and turned into an all in one machine because of being limited to the space,
Now GN has the “Mud Cleaner” for customer option. 

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customers have different requirements with the desander, like different
treatment capacities, different configurations and so on, in this article we
will mainly talk about the different types of desanders made by GN Solids
Control Company
for customer option. 

1. Firstly we will
talk about the different options of treatment capacity with the Desander. 

As we know, the
main part of 1 desander is the hydrocyclone. For GN’s desander, each
hyrocyclone is 10inch and the treatment capacity is 120m³/h. So the quantity of the hydrocyclone is
optional based on customer’s requirements. Such as below,

2. Sometimes, the
customer needs compact structure as limited by floor space but complete
functions, GN could also provide different corresponding configurations for
customer option, the details are as below,

2.1. Desander
& Shale Shaker AIO
(all in one) machine.

The desander could be
combined together with different types of shale shaker.

·For the Oil & Gas Drilling with small
rig, CBM drilling, HDD, water well drilling and so on, customer could choose
the desander combined together with a mini shale shaker to get an economic
choice and acceptable drying solids;

·When customer needs the big treatment with
compact structure, like for the Oil & Gas Drilling with big rig, large HDD
rig, Tunneling Boring Machine and so on, the densander combined together with a
big shale shaker is available. 

2.2. Desander
& Desilter & Shale Shaker AIO
(all in one) machine

As we introduce it
before, this machine is also called “Mud Cleaner”. Different types of desander,
desilter and shale shaker are combined together and many different
configurations are gotten for customer option. The details are as

Besides, while the
3 equipment are combined together, but they all work independently and the
desander and desilter are demountable when customer only needs the shaker.

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In this article,
we will mainly talk about the desander’s working principle. 

Desander, one of
the most widely used solids control equipments used on treating the drilling

As we know, with
the drilling fluid circulates the drilling cuttings chipped away by the
drilling bit continuously when the drilling rig is working, the different sizes
of drilling cutting goes into the drilling fluid and the physical properties of
drilling fluids will be changed, such as the density, viscosity, solid content,
etc. The drilling fluid could not meet the further work demand. 

In order to save
the cost and protect the environment, in most of the time the drilling fluid
needs to be recycled. Now the Desander and some other necessary solids control
equipments like Shale Shaker, Desilter, Decancter Centrifuge will be worked
together for treating and cleaning the drilling fluid. By through treating the
drilling fluid, the different sizes of drilling cuttings will be separated out
and the physical properties of drilling fluid will be recovered.

According to the
technical design, the Desanders made by GN Solids Control company are usually
used for separating out the solids particles over 40μm in the fluid loop. 

Normally the desander
is used for doing the 2nd-stage treatment with the drilling fluid that after
the 1st-stage treatment by Shale Shaker. The main part of 1 desander is the
Hydrocyclone. Its work principle is as below,

pumping the treated drilling fluid by Shale Shaker to the Desander and the
fluid goes into the Hydrocyclones of desander; 

by the centrifugal force and as the centrifugal forces are different for the
solid particles and liquid. 

the solid particles will be drained out together with some liquid from the
underflow port together; the clean drilling fluid will be drained out from the
overflow port.

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