drilling waste management

GN Solids Control is The far east leading brand of solids control equipment supplier with basic in Beijing, Houston and also Russia. And each month all of us export lots of mud devices for solids control as well as drilling waste management or even mud system to in a different country client and domestic consumers. Recently our company is fully entertained because of lots of project tools are ready for dispatch.

1) Several centrifugal pump for Nigeria client
Nigeria have a lot of oil drilling rigs in addition to oil blocks. Oil sources is rich there and have lots of clients coming from Nigeria who bought decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management straight cuttings dryer, solids control shale shaker, replacement shaker screen etc . from each of our company—GN Solids Control. Just lately, we got some small get from Nigeria who wants to change their old centrifugal sends. And we sell some models of good pump and mud agitator to them.
mud agitator
2) several sets of mud agitator for Egypt clients
The consumer bought this agitator is actually GN old client who have already bought 2 models 500gpm mud cleaning system for their HDD drilling. These are really happy about the mud system high quality and the dependable working performance. The 500gpm mud system is equipped with some panel shale shaker in addition to 4 panel mud cleaner. The shaker screen is actually composite material shaker screen, replacement for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen, with much better performing performance, longer lifetime and fewer maintenance. We also have additional treating capacity mud system for option. Like 200gpm mud system, 800gpm mud system and 1000gpm mud system

3) 2 models shale shaker for UAE client
Good maintenance can help you lots of cost, than shopping for new products. We give train to be able to client and let them to utilize GN equipment to greatest. And recently, we have 1 client wanting to replace the previous shakers for about 3 years. Which is really good. The shale shaker is to update the mud system the client already have over 2 years. The client buy two sets new shale shaker to update their older mud cleaning system and this is usually relative lower cost to continuing the new project. Because of the lower market, many clients want to take budget, save cost is to do more project. We highly recommend client to renew the mud system with new tools, new shaker, new centrifugal pump, new mud cleaner and new agitator. Commonly, the mud tanks last longer time if the regular maintenance is doing each time soon after use.

Vacuum Degasser
is mostly used in essential oil & gas drilling rigs. It is used to remove
the fuel in the drilling mud to hold the property, keep the density, the law of
gravity and viscosity of the drilling mud. This unit is generally installed
after shakers, can function efficiently to remove gas through gas-cut mud, to
prevent possible blowouts. This unit is essential working as one of security
equipment in drilling rigsite.
Recently, we have one customer from Africa, purchasing 1 set vacuum degasser
for first time project. The client is nearby famous drilling contractor as well
as work together with Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Halliburton etc .
The actual vacuum degasser we offer for them, with below technical specs:

· Model: GNZCQ360A
· Main size: 920mm
· Capacity: ≤360 m3/h (1584GPM)
· Vacuum Degre: -0. 02~-0. 04 Mpa
· Handling Efficiency: ≥95%
· Main Electric motor Power: 37Kw (50HP)
· Pump Motor Power: 7. 5Kw (10 HP)
· Rotation Pace: 860RPM
· EX Standard: ExdIIBt4
· Suction line size: six inch
· Outlet line dimension: 8 inch
· Weight: 1870kg
· Dimension: 2100×1605×1729mm

The produce is as per GB/T11645-89 Nationwide Standard. After all assembly
complete, test with water. Almost all connections and welding factors no
leakage, vacuum level reach to above 400mmHg. Within 2hours, bearing temporary.
Keep below 60°C. Absolutely no abnormal noise or coup.
Except for vacuum degasser, all of us export large quantity of decanter
, vertical cuttings dryer, mud agitator, centrifugal penis pumps,
shale shakers and shaker screens.
1) GN high quality decanter centrifuge for Africa marketplace
GNLW363CG or GNLW363CG-VFD is among the most popular decanter centrifuge with
regard to solids control drilling marketplace. The 14inch decanter centrifuge
can be used for barite recuperation, mud weight cutting as well as LGS
separation. This is the the majority of flexible centrifuge model, that similar
to US brand centrifuges.

2) GN premium up and down cuttings dryer for Africa drilling
waste management
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is actually tested in rigsite for nearly 3
years. In the past years, all of us keep improving the quality as well as
design of the dryer. For the time being, the quality and performance can
contend with US brand vertical cuttings dryer. Many drilling service provider
shift from US brand name dryer to GN
Solids Control
brand, to get higher cost-effective product.
3) Great quantity of centrifugal pumps and shaker screens also exported in
order to Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Gabon, Ghana etc .


In 2015, GN Solids Control sold 4 sets of packaged drilling
waste management system to Baker Hughes.


As we all know, Baker Huges, the 3rd biggest
oilfield service company on the world, represents the high standard and high
requirements with the equipment or products. Behind Baker Hughes chose GN
Solids Control
what does that mean?

Apparently, it means they recognize GN Solids Control, recognize
the good quality of products provided by GN Solids Control.


The 4 sets of packaged system mainly include the Vertical
Cuttings Dyers, Decanter Centrifuges, Mud Pumps and Mud tanks, which are mainly
used for treating the drilling waste. All the equipment installed on the system
are manufactured by GN Solid Control. The system is mainly used for treating
the drilling waste, reducing the hazard to environment and cost expense. After
the systems arrived at the well site, GN Solids Control specially arranged
experienced service engineers to go to the site and gave the training to
customer and debugging the systems.

According the feedback from Baker Hughes, the 4 sets of
systems performed very well and so a high evaluation was given to GN Solids Control.
They said In the future they will continue to choose to cooperate with GN
Solids Control if have relevant requirements.

In the past
years more and more middle and high-end clients have been choosing to cooperate
with GN Solids Control after practical factory visit & communication. The
reasons are because that they have trust on the product quality and product
performance manufactured by GN Solids Control.

Let “GN Solids
Control” become a respectable and world-famous brand in drilling fields is the
vision of each GN people and we will keep providing the best products &
service to each client and let the products create much more value for clients.

Finally, if you want to learn more about GN Solids Control,
welcome to visit our website and contact us.



In the Indonesia Oil show this season, GN Solids
Control introduced one unit high Gary the gadget guy force drilling
mud shale shaker
there. This is the 2nd time for GN showing in Indonesia
oil show. Continue time in the year of 2013, GN showed there a single unit
shale shaker along with 3 panels screen. This current year, the shale shaker
revealed is a 4-panels screen type which received much awareness of the
visitors at the display.
Below are the features of the 4-panel drying shaker GNZS594E-HB:
one GNZS594E -HB is a thready motion shale shaker along with 4-panels screen
that are mounted by 8 pieces pitching wedge blocks and easy for screen replacement.
2 . Available shale shaker
area 2 . 7 rectangular meters, each screen shape 585x1165mm
3. Installed screen could be both steel body type for cost conserving and
composite material with regard to longer working life.
5. Two sets of spielzeug motor help to supply adequate G force for higher
5. Patented sealing technological know-how between screens and structure
effectively prevents the water leakage.

By choosing different types of the actual butter box, this shaker could be used
for different job opportunities. The traditional back type feeder is used for
oil going primary solids control. Issue unit is equipped with a hopper type
feeder, this shaker could be used as a excessive G force drying shaker with the
G force upward 8 and adjustable. The actual drying shaker is primary equipment
for waste cuttings management system.
In GN’s production line for drilling
waste management equipment
bundle, this shaker is built with a beneath
located hooking tank. This drying shaker package could be located on website
relative freely as it is stream-lined structure and small foot or so print. The
catching tank is with a transferring centrifugal pump which can transfer the
actual separated drilling fluids for even more processing. This drying shaker
is mainly for WBM spend cuttings drying process along with GN’s drying shaker
was already used in PERTAMINA.

GN Solids America LLC is the  major exporter from China and conduct
business relationship over 60 plus countries around the world and keep gaining.  We manufacture Mud Solids Control  System & Drilling
Waste Management
. GN have the full line of machinery for Solids Control
Solution of your oil gas drilling, CBM drilling, HDD, and water well drilling
as well as the construction drilling mud treatment.  

is the First API certified solids
control equipment
manufacturer in China.

Facilities for  manufacture Solids
Control System in area is over 65,000 ㎡(700,000SF) which is located outskirt of  Beijing.

Owns a its facility for making shaker screens.

Owns over 10 patents for solids control and drilling waste management

products is certified by DNV CE for Europe and TP TC for

GN management
system for manufacturing comply with the HSE system ISO 14001 and ISO 28001 to
ensure you with safest products.

GN Solids
America LLC
manufacture oil drilling equipment including shale shakers and its wear
and tear  parts. Shale shakers is the filter machinery
that remove drill cuttings from the drilling mud that is used for digging holes
into the earth. Filtering the solids in drilling fluid is an important
component of the cost of drilling, so research and development into shaker
functioning is ongoing.

Solids America’s shale shaker design – Shale shakers consist of large, flat
wire mesh screens for  filtering or
sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings.  The commonly filter across and off of the

shale shaker

as the drilling fluid (mud) flows through them and back into the
drilling fluid system. This separates the solid drill cuttings from the fluid
so that it can be re-circulated back down the well bore for keep the drill bit