drilling mud

Water well drilling is vertical drilling some times drilling with air and some times drilling with mud. When it is mud drilling, a water well drilling mud systemwill be required.

GN Solids Control is a water well drilling mud system manufacturer in China with sales to more than 60 countries till now. Please contact us for inquiry if need any mud system or equipment for water well drilling.

Many people is asking “How to Choose a Good Drilling Mud Recycling System?”,Lets see what will help you find the best proposal

1) Dimention. All clients may have a limit dimention on mud tank and layout, Please let us know your dimention and we do design mud tank size and layout accordingly

2) Move. All clients like to delivery their mud system the faster the better. GN is trying to make mud system very compact and fast disassemble and assemble if nessisery

3) Meet local regulation. Each country will have their own regulation

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