Dear all, GN will bring a 200GPM mud recycling system to Australia to show for trenchless 2012 on No Dig equipment. It’s contains 2 phase cleaning with shaker and desilter with mixing pump and mixing hopper with a very compact design.

Other than No Dig exhibition in Oct, GN Australia will take part in Drill 2012 exhibition in Sep and estimate to bring a 200GPM or 500GPM mud system there.

Australia have a lot of drilling related to No Dig drilling and Coal Bed Methan drilling, Hope this info will helps all users in Australia to see a top quality mud system design

The following is the specs for GN No dig Mud system for 2012

1)    GN stand is 10m x 10m, so the complete mud recycling system size should be within 10m long
2)    500GPM mud recycling and mixing system will be suggested model

3)    If you order before Junly, GN is able to manufacture according to your customized spec for the show
4)    GN will consider to bring a  to the show if clients order before June
5)    GN will put your logo onto the equipment during the show help to improve your company logo

For the more info about the No dig mud systrm for sale in Australia,please visit GN Solids Australia.