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After several years working, have seen a lot of positive feedback of GN products. Some bad ones, too. This is the first time, without a notice, found some press release of raising GN products, not that surprised, but this is a special one. They are trying to use internet help us to be known by more people. While as we all know, known by people with reputation, is the key to improving business, we here thanks all the clients whol helped us on this.

“If they start pumping at 800 gpm and you have liquids (drilling mud) coming over instead of just solids, you’re going to have issues,” says Reyes, a manager at CGE Services and Solutions in Bakersfield, California. “Those drilling fluids cost money, and our customers want to retain and reuse as much of them as possible.

Like all other clients, or everyone all over the world, the fist intension is to save money. Well really saving money do not means cheap nothing, and put it to the drilling site. So all of them care about the performance, what is actually saving is the one works well or even better than the expensive ones.

Reyes says the company bought its first GN Solids shale shaker more than one year ago. At the time, the main allure was the competitive price. But Reyes quickly discovered the machine also lived up to its performance specifications, which explains why CGE now owns 10 GN units — or nearly half its fleet of shale shakers, he notes.

proudly taking a picture with GN equipment

Professional users, professional service companies, is the ones who is dealing / handling the solids control euqipment, though a lot of drilling compnies have their own team working on this. If you take it as a indepnent comapny, it is quite same. Then we will see, the different operating way, we get quite different result, saving more money sometimes. Especially when people have discriminations on original manufacturing place. Some clients told us in a joking way, when we operate a products from US / EU, when something goes wrong, people will think, what is wrong with my work, did I do something wrong, and they may check manual. While if it is from China, or somewhere eles, the first thing they will do is kick the equipment, and shout what is this shit doing! Hope this will change soon, and expecting GN keep doing good and in this good products team.

If you are interested in this blog, freely to email me asking for some feedback from clients. A lot of big players are telling the world, GN products is even better than similar EU / US products.

April is a beautiful efforts Russia, especially in their investment city Moscow. The annually event for oil and gas market, including all related job areas including oil and gas drilling, olive oil refinery, drilling mud these recycling chemicals and equipments, also transportation equipments and options.
As the leading manufacturer to get solids control and drilling waste management, GN Solids Control established office inside Moscow for 2 years, and it has been attending the Moscow Oil Show for many years. On a yearly basis, GN brought the newest type of equipments to the Russian customers and feedbacks are good.

Russia Oil Show
This current year, for MIOGE Oil Indicate, GN will bring following tools:
1 . GNCD930D vertical cuttings dryer. GN firstly created the GNCD930 decanter centrifuge several years ago, now it is the fourth generation with the flushing atmosphere gun and other new improvements, it is used by many big companies worldwide, including Baker Hudges, along with etc .
2 . GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, it has many purposes, like drilling waste management together with vertical cuttings dryer, for solids control, it could be used for barite healing period, or extra fine contaminants separation, or together with dewatering unit as dewatering centrifuge with chemical enhanced dust.
3. Mud Cleaner GNZJ594E-3S16N, it is a combination of shale shaker, desander cones and desilter cones, always positioned right after shale shaker. You can check the idea with all advantages of GN shale shaker, GN desander cones and desilter cones.

GN has complete solids control and waste management series for oil and gas drilling, any turn key solution, with necessary equipments. If you need details, welcome to visit us at the necessary oil show, we have Russian talked sales to support you. Apart from, there are CIPPE in Next month in Beijing, Iran Olive oil Show in May with Tehran, and OTC with May in Houston that you see us.

GN Information for MIOGE:
Booth: Pavilion-2, Hall-5, C 40
Moment: April 18-21, 2016
Spot: EXPOCENTER, Moscow, Russia

GN Solids Control have manufactured a lot of CBM drilling mud systems, as the first one in China design and manufacture compact design system for HDD & CBM, over 30 mud system to Australia, where the rules are much more strict.
China is now focusing more and more on environmental protection, the regular is more strictly than most of the countries all over the world. Nowadays the mud system can not be just cozy, flexible, also need to be more strictly follow the regulations.
It is a very standard configuration of solids control system in this article, specifications as below:
1. GN very popular 3-panel screens design shale shakerGNZS703E-HB for coarse solids separation in the drilling fluids. Back type mud logging box effectively reduce the flow and the impact force onto the screen so that the shaker screen could be protected. The GNZS703E-HB is the updated shale shaker for many applications, 3shaker screens is easier to replace screens, higher efficiency.

GN Shale Shaker
2. The mud cleaner unit is equipped with same model drying under shaker for easy maintenance in future. 1 de- sanding and 8 de-silting cyclone is the very standard configuration what GN suggested for a treating capacity of 500GPM. To consider the transportation convenience, GN mud cleaner has a removable hydrocyclone frame in case somewhere has the transpiration height limitation. This mud cleaner will request 2 units sand pump for mud transferring, while the pump are also provided and installed on the tank.
3. This system was also equipped with GN 18 inch decanter centrifugeGNLW452C for fine solid particles separation. GN 18 inch decanter centrifuge has both fixed speed and VFD model. Few days before, Baker Hughes just got several units GN 18 inch VFD model centrifuge with Max speed up to 2800 rpm. Before a proper mud system could be GNMS-500GL, as centrifuge will not be the must. Well according new rules, we have to handle the mud to a cleaner character.
4. 3 mud tanks for all mud recycling, intermediate, and mud mixing process. Normally, GN will provide mud mixing unit with mixing hopper and pump unit installed on tank skid or a independent skid.
Keep tune to the performance feedback.

Mud tanks are used very often on drilling site to store the drilling fluids and to be used as the base to locate the drilling fluids recycling equipment like shale shaker and decanter centrifuge. GN solids control is a manufacturer specially for drilling fluids recycling equipment, thus the mud tank is one of GN’s main products.

So long you want to reserve the drilling fluids on site, and then you will need mud tanks. The size and structure of the mud tanks would be various according to the drilling depth and drilling type. Some drillers have their own mud mixing system with the rig, thus they can do the mud recycling job onsite, which is very convenient and cost saving. Some other drillers will collect the used drilling fluids and send to a mud plant for separation, after large size cuttings removed, the drilling fluids will be brought back to the rig for reuse. Trailer mounted tank is an ideal choice for these drillers as the drilling fluids could be collected in the tank and very fast to deliver to the mud plant. GN is not good at making such type mud tanks.

While most of GN’s mud tank are skid mounted that could be lifted and dragged on site by crane or truck. This type mud tank is better to be put on site permanently with the rig, whenever the rig would be moved; the mud tanks would be moved.

drilling mud system

For some drilling site with limited space and the driller have the requirements for move the mud tank from one site to another frequently, GN proposed the mud tanks with hydraulic jack-up leg system. At both ends of the mud tank, the jack-up legs are installed to rise the whole tanks and even the equipment on the tank. The legs can open that the flat bed trailer can back in, and then the legs will fall down until the tank be put on the trailer smoothly. At this time, the mud tanks could be transported to other sites.

GN has made mud tank with jack-up legs for many customers coming from oil gas drilling and no dig drilling industry. This is also a very good option for fast moving mud tank design.

Russian federation is a very important market connected with GN. GN owns a superb marketing share in The ussr market. With the establishment involving GN Solids Russia, advantages and more cooperation between GN group and Russia oilfield waste management companies.

Just lately, a complete drilling waste management system has been dispatchedfor a new Russia client. The system has been put in a 40ft container for fast portable and also for keep increased temperatures the cold weather of Russian federation. It is not the first time for GN Solids Control company provided containerized system to Russian federation market. The system comes with following equipment:

1) Containerized drilling cuttings vertical dryer system consist of one set of GNCD930 up and down cuttings dryer, catch tank, flushing pump and mud transfer pump.
2) Cuttings assortment box for storage associated with drilling cuttings from the top to bottom cuttings dryer.
3) Feeding twist conveyor for transfer drilling cuttings from the oil drilling rig and sent to top to bottom cuttings dryer.
4) Drilling cuttings transfer pump for exchange drilling cuttings with more wetness.
5) Variable speed decanter centrifuge with feed pump intended for polishing the drilling mud recovered from the cuttings dryer.
This module drilling waste  management components is easy to get transportation. And it is flexible for your operators to lay out inside the drilling rig site many different shape of the site.

You can speak to GN Solids Control Russian federation office to learn more about this low heat drilling waste management system.

Advantage of GN Drilling waste management system:
1) One end solutions from the same supplier: GN Solids Control Tiongkok.
2) High Quality products: the 1st API certified waste management equipment from China.
3) Reliable expert services, GN not only supply devices, but also GN provide the client training services and guarantee for 14 months immediately after shipment.
4) Cost effective treatments. Worldwide market share allows GN Solids Control to provide large volume of equipment, and helps you to save cost for making each sole equipment and in a result to help giving cost effective solutions to the particular clients.